5 ways you can earn rewards at Talent Protocol

5 ways you can earn rewards at Talent Protocol

One of the most frequently asked questions among the Talent Protocol community is - wen token?

We understand that it is perfectly normal to ask when we will launch $TAL as we are navigating the Web3 and crypto space and users are very earn-driven. We have been however explaining to our community that, since late May, we have postponed the Token Generation Event until two or more of the following conditions become a reality ⤵️

  1. Talent Protocol reaches a highly engaged community within our platform;
  2. We are comfortable with Talent Protocol’s product-market fit;
  3. The market conditions are what we can consider as ‘permitting’

Currently you can already acquire $TAL through purchasing Talent Tokens and that although it is isn’t live yet, you can earn it already and spend it in the future - it's the talent game, baby!

Nonetheless, $TAL is not the only way to earn and get rewards. We continue to reward Talent Protocol community members, encouraging their participation and contribution.

Here are 5 ways to earn rewards at Talent Protocol 👇

  1. Complete Quests

When you log into your Talent Protocol account (don’t have one? Sign up here, talented buddy), click on the Earn tab and you’ll be redirected to the Quests page.

Quests are simple challenges that you can complete within our platform and earn rewards such as $TAL or NFTs.

Quests screen on Talent Protocol

2. Launch your own Talent Token

Talent Protocol is the Web3 community for high-potential builders. This means that you can leverage on its members to find the support you need to take your career to the next level.

Launching a Talent Token is one of the many tools we enable so that you can transform loose connections into a network invested in your success. All you have to do is complete your profile and apply to launch a token - once your application is reviewed and accepted, you can set it up and start gathering supporters.

Once you token is out, you’ll automatically get 2,000 Talent Tokens, worth 200 USD!

3. Invite talented friends

As soon as you create a Talent Protocol profile, an invite code directly connected to your account will be created. You can share it with any high-potential builders you may know and once they launch their own talent tokens, you’ll get $TAL rewards.

4. Complete a bounty

As an open-source project and as we are building in public, we count with the active collaboration of our community members to help us buidl Talent Protocol. We have recently launched a bounty board, allowing anyone to apply to complete a specific task and earn accordingly.

You can check all open bounties here.

5. Become an ambassador

Web3 communities are all about participation. One of our latest news on this topic is the launch of the Talent Protocol Ambassador Program.

Apply to become an ambassador and represent Talent Protocol in your region, onboard newcomers, support users throughout their journey and help us to extend our overall presence and impact across the space.

Ambassadors have a 6-month commitment to the community and are rewarded in crypto for their work as well as with access to exclusive events, merch and mentoring.

Ready to earn? 🏆