Get a taste of Talent House #7 - Rio de Janeiro 🥥🇧🇷

Get a taste of Talent House #7 - Rio de Janeiro 🥥🇧🇷
Talent House welcomed 10 more ambitious scholars on March 27th. This time, we moved to the other hemisphere and spent 1 incredibly productive, inspiring, and fun week in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

How did Talent House #7 Rio go?

After spending 1.5 weeks in the frosty Denver, we decided it was time to switch out winter jackets for bikinis and fly all the way South to Rio de Janeiro. Although enjoying sweet caipirinhas and emotional samba were a definite nice-to-have, our scholars’ main focus for the 1-week Talent House edition in Brazil was to find out more about the growth of web3 in the Portuguese-speaking community, deepen their knowledge about the blockchain ecosystem, and meet the right people to help their web3 careers take off.

Thankfully, the main two web3 events that were organised between March 27th and April 3rd were the perfect place to be 💫↗️

Talent House #7 scholars (Lurgia, Diego, Emilio, Felipe, Freddy, and Brian) checking in at the hotel

The Talent House week kicked-off by checking in Casa Nova - the hotel that allowed our scholars to: be not too far from the main events venues; charge their energy batteries with daily delicious breakfast, be within a walking distance from the party district of Rio; and have a quite and safe space to finish their hackathon projects.

The same exact evening, a few of scholars were already attending the Women in Web3 event, while others were discovering the local culture, cuisine and, of course, samba.

Talent House #7 scholars (Cristina, Lurgia, Mey, Emilio, Freddy, Felipe, and Brian) getting drinks on the first evening in Rio de Janeiro

Ethereum Brasil conference started the next morning, on March 28th, and lasted 3 days long, the last one being dedicated to projects and startups that would like to pitch to a selected group of VCs and investors.

During the first 2 days, our scholars were able to attend panels and workshops in both English and Portuguese, putting not only their web3 knowledge, but also their language skills to a test as well.

Talent House #7 scholars (Mey, Freddy, Diego, Vitor, Brian, Freddy, Cristina, Emilio) and Talent Protocol’s Co-Founder and CMO Filipe Macedo at Ethereum Brasil

Because taking time for rest and self-reflect is essential for growth and development, we decided to change our usual Talent Brunch format to fit these specific goals and needs. This time, instead of organising a networking event for 60-70 people, we decided to lower the number of participants while encouraging more deep and meaningful conversations. In this sense, our Talent Brunch attendees went through 3 rounds of interactions:

  1. 🧋Drinks & Appetisers → 1-1 guided dialog with the goal of discovering one’s true strengths, fears, career barriers, and life-long goals;
  2. 🥘 Main Course → group open discussions about findings and outcomes of the first round followed by an action plan to achieve the previously discovered goals;
  3. 🍮 Dessert → 1-1 accountability exercise of setting a call in exactly 1-month time to check on each others’ progress.
Talent House #7 scholars and guests at Talent Brunch Rio

After reflecting on their career journeys and having fun at the side event organised by WEB3DEV - our Talent House #5 Lisbon Alumnus’ (Daniel Cuckier) organisation , the IRL Talent House Rio experience got extra intense again. During its 3 days, ETHSamba offered extremely useful bootcamp workshops for everyone new in the space, engaging talks and panel discussion on both technical and non-technical topics and, of course, the chance to build awesome projects and compete for bounties as part of the hackathon.

In this sense, we want to, once again, congratulate all our scholars for working on important and impactful ideas, and give a special shoutout to Sandra Carrillo and Brian Sander whose projects won a few ETHSamba Sponsors’ hearts over.

Our Talent House #7 scholar - Sandra Carrillo - and her team presenting their projects for the CELO sponsor bounty at ETHSamba hackathon

But how would our Talent House #7 scholars describe their experience in Rio de Janeiro? 🤔

Cristina Chacón Santa, Bogotá, Colombia 🇨🇴

Participating as a Talent House scholars has been one of the best experiences I have had in the web3 industry. It was wonderful of Talent Protocol to give us the best experiences and knowledge in Brazil. My mind was able to expand, meet people with great talents and knowledge, in addition to networking with powerful companies that develop blockchain. Thank you very much for all the support.

Felipe Chalkho, Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷

I like the way that Talent Protocol managed the experience allowing us to travel and make our own paths during the trip, and also sharing moments together with the whole group to be able to connect with each other.

Brian Sander, Itapema, Brazil 🇧🇷

Talent House is all about catching your opportunity and don't let go. This was what I did. I saw my chance, so I caught it up. Everything was amazing as such as Rio de Janeiro all feels like. We had our Talent Scholars diner at the first day which was pretty cool (ended up raining). We had an amazing Brunch with all Talent Scholars and some awesome guests. Then, our Talent Breakfast when all of us could share our knowledges during the week and getting closer as scholars - It was such a great experience having other latinos scholars that made super excited and proud that Talent Protocol are looking with bright eyes to out LatAM people/ecosystem.The quality time that we spent with Talent people such as co-founder Filipe Macedo and Talent House Manager Luminita Florea was fantastic. This is some score you can't count right away.Can't deny that Talent House was such an amazing web3 experience for me, and I'm hoping to see my frens all around the world.

Become a Talent House Scholar in Lisbon

Did our experience in Rio de Janeiro make you realise that this is EXACTLY what you are looking for right now? Get the chance to meet talented builders that believe in web3 as passionately as you do during your first IRL web3 conference and hackathon! Join us as part of Talent House #8 - Lisbon 🇵🇹 on June 5th - 10th, 2023.

‼️ Remember: the applications are open till April 23rd without any extension time ‼️

About Talent House

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