Talent Protocol acquires web3 platform Agora Labs

Talent Protocol acquires web3 platform Agora Labs

Gm talent community!

We have amazing news to share with you: we have just acquired Agora Labs, a social token and NFT infrastructure platform for creators to build and scale their communities, founded by 4 talented teenage founders in 2021.

Great! But why?

Our mission is to support the builders of tomorrow.

We want to empower talented professionals who have an entrepreneurial mindset and are exploring web3. We want them to leverage on a community that sets them up for success and that’s exactly what we did through this acquisition.

Agora Labs was founded by 4 talented builders, who were under the age of 20 by the time they created it a little over a year ago. In a short period of time, this talented team created tools and infrastructure that serve several of the needs of tokenized creators, something we found truly remarkable and relevant for our own community. Additionally, their mission and team fit perfectly with what we are building in Talent Protocol. So, long story short: when we saw the opportunity to join efforts, we grabbed it.

What does this acquisition mean for Talent Protocol and Agora Labs ?

We are working on integrating Agora’s stack and community into the Talent Protocol ecosystem. This means that we will integrate all relevant assets and onboard all Agora’s users into Talent’s community.

But we dare to say that one of the best parts of the acquisition is that we are also welcoming Matthew Espinoza and Freeman Jiang, Agora Labs’ CEO and CTO respectively, to our team. We just couldn’t let the opportunity to onboard high-potential talent go. Welcome, Matt and Freeman!

By the way, the members of Agora Labs’ founding team have created their profiles on Talent Protocol. Go ahead and support these extremely talented teenagers who are now on to new ventures 💫⬇️

Matt ($MATT)

A 20 year-old and co-founder of Agora Labs. One of the youngest people to be apart of ZFellows. Previously worked at Republic Ventures, Facebook/Meta and 2 YC-Backed Companies

Freeman ($FREE)

Software engineer and co-founder of Agora Labs. Focused on becoming a 10x engineer and making stuff people want. Currently exploring his interests on the backend.

Jerry ($JERRY)

Co-founder & COO at Agora Labs. A project manager, designer and developer. Worked previously at a public capital markets company and love working on things that can change the world.

Charles ($CHRLS)

Co-founder, hacker and growth manager. On the way to become a millionaire by the age of 20 through dev work, asset management, content, and any other possible funnels.

The importance of this acquisition is threefold.

  1. This process enabled us to deliver on our mission of supporting the builders of tomorrow and that fills us with confidence, knowing that we are on the right path.
  2. We are also very happy to count with the expertise and fresh perspective of Matt and Freeman, who will play an important role as we prepare to launch Season 03 of Talent Protocol.
  3. Lastly, due to the current market conditions, this acquisition comes as a sign of trust and confidence in the potential of the web3 space and in what it has to offer. We know that web3 is the key for high-potential builders to fulfill their true professional potential and reach the success they deserve.

AMA with Matthew Espinoza

Join us for a Twitter Spaces session with Matthew Espinoza where he will share his journey as a young founder and builder in the web3 space, focusing on the road that led to this acquisition. He will also answer all your burning questions, of course. Save the date: October 5th, at 9PM (UTC+1). ➡️ https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1vAGRAoyXPvKl

Let’s do this!💫