Andrea Solomonides — “It was never in my DNA that I could only compete with women”

Andrea Solomonides — “It was never in my DNA that I could only compete with women”

Andrea is a story waiting to be written: a self-made businesswoman with a clear long-term goal: to become president of Cyprus and flip the system from within. She’s an avid learner and a solution-builder for everyone to thrive.

Get to know Andrea better and how she’s aiming to disrupt the political scene with a little help from Web3 👇.

Andrea Solomonides’ upright posture, clear eye contact and a helpful smile tell almost instantly what she is all about: she’s comfortable in her own skin, confident about her ideas and goals and knows she has the skills to communicate them.

But, despite her assertiveness, Andrea doesn’t have a rehearsed pitch and lets her story run free.

Born 36 years ago in Greece, Andrea’s life has been split between Athens and Cyprus even though there was a point in her life when she actually spent more than 150 days a year traveling around the globe.

Growing up in a family of doctors, Andrea studied Music with the goal of becoming a composer driven by her will to build things. However, her curiosity “about a lot of things”, as she puts it, took her to become infatuated with politics still during her student years, a pivot that would come to be life-changing to the core. “Helping people is embedded in my DNA”, she states while explaining why politics won her heart at such a young age.

Her involvement in youth political organizations granted her the opportunity to travel and reach governmental institutions across Europe even though she quickly became aware that she didn’t want to become part of a “political party pipeline”. So Andrea took a turn on her career and started her own business in communications 10 years ago, a first step into the startup and business worlds that would become her life up to the present.

Growing as a businesswoman in a typically male-dominated world such as business and politics built Andrea into a persistent but also idealistic person who is driven by her will to affect change, whether by collaborating in women-focused projects or setting up as a long-term goal to become president of Cyprus. “It was never in my DNA that if I entered a room I could just compete with women”, she states — showing that she could never settle for anything less than what she wants.

Andrea’s ambitious long-term goal of becoming ruler of her Southern European state became a little closer to reality when she launched her own token $ANDY, which actually is one of the most valued tokens launched by a woman in Talent Protocol. Her experience in Web3, however short it may seem, becomes a proof of how far one can go when powered by the beliefs of a community.


🤝 Supporters: 52

🪙 Tokens in Circulation: 38,937.00 $ANDY

💰 Market Value: $3,201.60

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