Talent Tally#1 📢

Talent Tally#1 📢

Welcome to our first-ever Talent Tally! With the advent of October, we decided to introduce a weekly Talent Tally, where you can track what the Talent Protocol core team was up to last week. Without further ado:

CoinList Seed Day 🌱

Yesterday we pitched at CoinList Seed, a program focused on introducing investors to early-stage web3 startups, like Talent Protocol, that are looking to raise their first rounds of private funding. It was a great way to widen our network of investors, get feedback and accelerate our growth. 🙌

CoinList has previously launched tokens for Celo (that we’re building on), Solana, Near, and many other projects.

A New Talent Protocol One-Pager 🎱

Check out the new Talent Protocol one-pager on Notion.

It includes a new deck, with our new branding already applied, a new product demo, and also a teaser of what the future UI will look like.

We’re releasing Talent Protocol beta in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Smart Contract Audits 🔍

Our platform development is on track and our code is currently being audited by Hacken, a leading security consulting company that focuses on blockchain security. They have previously audited VeChain, Gate.io, 1Inch, and many more.

Web3 Media Session 📰

We also took part in a media session with other crypto startups, educating Portuguese journalists on the web3 and blockchain space. Filipe Macedo spoke about social tokens and DAOs, on behalf of Talent Protocol . A pretty cool opportunity to tease what we’re currently building 😎

The Supporting Cast 👯

Talent Protocol will stay lightweight, but our extended team is growing. Welcome the new helping hands building the future of Talent Tokens 🤝

  • Pedro — UX
  • Sara & Mariana — PR
  • Gustavo — Product
  • Miguel — Solidity Developer
  • Frederico — Developer

Launch House Update 🚀🏠

Filipe is still at Launch House in LA, making serious connections, meeting other web3 founders, investors and creators.

He also launched a new side project called Humans of Web3 that you can check out here: instagram.com/humansofweb3

Two more weeks to go at Launch House!

Community Call #3 on Community Building 🤙

Lastly, our community calls are still small but keep getting busier (100% increase in non-team guests!). You can check call summaries here.

And if you haven’t joined our Discord yet, hop on and get your shiny blue Verified role by introducing yourself here: https://discord.gg/u948b82J

That’s all for this week friends.

Let’s do this 🤝

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