Arthur Zubkoff - “In the future, everyone and everything will have a token”

Arthur Zubkoff - “In the future, everyone and everything will have a token”

Arthur is fully into Web3: he swallowed the red pill, went down the rabbit hole, you name it. A techie by training but a communicator by heart, Arthur stumbled upon crypto as early as 2013 and since then he helped to build multiple Web3 startups across the space. His motivation is powered by the community’s will to shape the solutions of the future.

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One could say that Arthur Zubkoff is a true believer in Web3 but that would be too narrow of a description of a 30-year-old digital nomad living in Scotland. Arthur’s professional and personal interests have also led him to navigate the worlds of technology, entrepreneurship, investment and business while maintaining a sharp curiosity and creativity.

Back in 2010, Arthur saw himself moving to England to study Computer Science but, by the end of his Bachelor’s degree, he felt that “just programming” wasn’t enough: he was missing a social and strategic side to his career. Coincidentally, the start-up boom was happening in those years, and if one could say - this “start-up FOMO” left him wanting to dive straight into the rabbit hole and learn how to build new and innovative things from the ground up. So he enrolled in a Master’s in Management at the University of St Andrews - to learn all about business, finance, and marketing - and also expand his intellectual toolset and get exposure to a “wider array of knowledge”, as he puts it.

It seems that curiosity has been the fuel that keeps Arthur moving: while still at the university, he started dabbling in crypto and blockchain tech and continued to do so even when he embraced his first professional ventures. By the time the pandemic began, Arthur saw himself spending more and more time in the “metaverse”, and the idea to go full-time into this space slowly became a possibility.

“Companies or DAOs in Web3 are so much more efficient than your typical Web2 startups. Everyone is so passionate and focused on targets, and just want to build”, Arthur explains. “We just want to get things done in a more effective way that sometimes can even change people’s lives for good”.

That being said, in early-2021, Arthur took the leap and joined the institutional-liquidity protocol Alkemi Network and also began to contribute to several DeFi, NFT, and crypto research and investment-focused projects. One of them is Global Coin Research (GCR) DAO whose team is on a mission to build the biggest (and “friendliest”) investment DAO in the world.

As someone who lives and breathes Web3, Arthur believes that, in the future, everyone and everything will have its own token and that is why it made so much sense for him to collaborate with Talent Protocol on his very own $ART social token. “Social tokens are becoming a full-time thing” - and we couldn’t agree more.

Arthur is fully dedicated to building innovative and game-changing DAOs and has set for himself the ambitious goal of helping a DAO to reach a $1 billion market cap.


🤝Supporters: 21

🪙Tokens in Circulation: 12,405.00 $ART

💰Market Value: $1,240.50

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