Bart Hofkin - "I’m not just investing, I’m growing my technical knowledge"

Bart Hofkin - "I’m not just investing, I’m growing my technical knowledge"

A self-proclaimed “busy hippie”, 26-year-old Bart Hofkin is, as many of his generation, focused on achieving financial freedom. But while for some this may sound like a chimera, for Bart it may actually be a reality in the next 3 to 5 years - if he puts his mind to it, he can accomplish almost any goal he sets for himself.

It was only when he enrolled in college that Bart made a genuine effort to pursue his goals and, with that, great experiences and achievements came. By the time he graduated with his degree in Physics (with a focus in Computer Science), Bart accepted his first corporate job, something he describes as “boring” but that fully served a purpose:

“I helped my parents for a few years and lived on credit cards during my college years”, he candidly explains - “the boring corporate job helped me to earn money to pay off my credit card debt, save and eventually allowed me to help my parents buy a new house”.

Once his family situation was settled, Bart quit his job and kicked-off his mini-retirement, embarking on a road-trip with another friend for 6 months along the US West Coast. During this period he took some much needed time off but also used his time to read and to follow-up with some other side projects of his which included the launch of a podcast, a Bitcoin ATM sales company, and a guide about personal finances. A doer to his core, once the road-trip reached its end, Bart was just excited about getting back to work on “cool new things”.

Using his knowledge about cryptocurrencies,he started to invest back in 2015, he decided to learn Web3 development thus growing his technical knowledge and it, once again, paid off. Bart is now contributing to several Web3 projects, being able to do high leverage work, as he puts it, while carefully choosing where he wants to chip in.

Along the way Bart has also discovered a new passion: micro-greens. He joined a friend’s venture and is now building and improving automated hydroponic systems for the growing process of these highly nutritional little leaves, something that is feeding Bart’s long-term vision of life growingly more synergistically with nature.

Humble but also aware of his value and potential, Bart knows he will gradually become more in control of his future. “I want to scale the projects I’m working on because my main personal focus right now is financial freedom”, he claims. He most certainly will achieve whatever he sets his mind to as his incredible story shows.


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