Becoming a contributor

Becoming a contributor

Web3 has opened up new ways for people to work, chip in a discussion, vote or help building a vision. Find out how to contribute in the Talent Protocol community and become an official web3 builder.

Bounties 🤠

Ah, yes, the 1-0-1 of web3 contribution.

Bounties are tasks that web3 projects publish for community members to grab, build and be rewarded for that. Gone are the days where companies, when in need of help, had to formally hire someone to do so.

Now things are more agile and faster and bounties are here for the taking. Check here all open Talent Protocol bounties and don't miss a chance to be involved and earn for it.

Special projects - Build Days 👷

Bounties are cool but are usually tasks with limited scope, thus not saving enough space for creativity, iteration or participation but there are special opportunities in web3 communities for you to chip in.

At Talent Protocol, we've been decentralizing Build Days, an initiative that aims to challenge contributors to develop solutions and a demo around a specific topic strategic to the community.

To participate in a Build Day, you have to apply for it and hold a Talent Mate NFT; as soon as you're approved to participate, you can start working on a prototype, submit it and attend the team's call (date TBA) to get feedback. After that, core contributors will vote on the best prototype and award the reward to the winners. Learn more about Build Days here.


Talent Protocol's ambassadors program was recently revamped. Once you become an ambassador, you'll have the opportunity and responsibility of helping us reach new heights, especially towards our community.

Ambassador rewards inclused monthly compensation both in TAL and USDC base on your contributions, priority access to Talent House and to web3 career mentorship and other growth opportunitiest and also access to Talent Protocol swag. Ambassadors are also more likely to be hired as contractors in the future.

So here are 3 simple ways to become more involved in building a web3 project such as Talent Protocol. Take them as an opportunity to finally launch your web3 career and dip your toes in this brand new world.

Any doubts or comments? Join our Discord server and let us know all about it!