Becoming a talent whale 🐋- The Guide

Becoming a talent whale 🐋- The Guide

Gm, gm!

Crypto made us all investors - right?

Web3 unlocked endless opportunities to own and earn and all kinds of users have been experimenting and adding different cryptoassets to their portfolios while others became heavily involved in finding the next big thing in the metaverse.

At Talent Protocol we believe that success is collective and that is why we are enabling ways for high-potential builders to create an invested network of supporters and to reward early believers who have made a difference in their professional journeys.

In this community for high-potential talent, anyone can buy someone’s Talent Token, vouching for their potential while adding a new asset to their portfolios Most of the times we explain what Talent Protocol is to others, we usually ask people to imagine if they could buy shares of Elon Musk’s or Jeff Bezos careers when they were just starting - how much they could have earned and how proud they would be right now. People usually get pumped with this idea, especially when they also understand that high-potential builders could be anywhere, waiting for an opportunity.

So, why buy Talent Tokens?

As of now, buying someone’s Talent Token is a tangible way of showing them that you believe in their potential after going through their profiles and learning about their journeys, road-map, career goals and challenges. By holding a Talent Token, supporters usually have access to perks from each talent they invest in, which is also, of course, very appealing, we’d say.

What’s a Talent whale? 🐋

Once you buy your first Talent Token, you get this feeling of unlocking access to someone’s career - it’s something very specific and simultaneously oddly rewarding (we even heard that it’s better than an hour of mindless scrolling on your favourite social media 🤷).

It’s safe to say that in a little over one year of existence, we have seen a few Talent Whales taking shape right in front of our eyes. True believers in a collective success future who keeping adding Talent assets to their wallets as a way of showing their support to high-potential builders and also with their eyes set on the future and the oncoming social and financial rewards.

What is it like to become a supporter?

Adding different Talent assets to your portfolio is not only easy, it comes with different advantages to it according to how you use them.

One way of looking into holding Talent Tokens is as a way of growing your space of influence. By becoming someone’s supporter, you are opening up the doors to become their mentor, co-founder, investor and much more as the types of relationships built in our community are, we have to say, pretty much endless.

You can also choose to become a quieter type of supporter, showing how much you believe in high-potential builders just by buying their tokens and vouching for them.

Supporting is also a two-way street - you can use it as a way to connect with other talented community members who can support you back and help you succeed.

Start supporting high-potential Web3 builders today on Talent Protocol and get rewards. See more on Quests here.