A beginner’s guide to start building your Web3 CV

A beginner’s guide to start building your Web3 CV

Gm fren 👋,

We’ve built this incredible community to help all members to build a great career in Web3. To help them make the shift from Web2 to Web3, take a step forward in their professional journeys and unlock and leverage all their true potential with the help of an invested network of supporters.

Through Talent Protocol, you can access the tools and resources you need to professionally thrive in this ever-changing world of Web3. In other words, this is the place for you to build your Web3 resume with all the improvements and add-ons made possible through the power of the metaverse.

We’ve been working on a new Talent Protocol profile that fulfills the needs of high-potential builders and that rightfully represents what they have accomplished so far and the new heights they are aiming at professionally. However, while we work on the final tweaks - and before we officially enter Season 3 and launch the new profile -, allows us to share with you a few ideas on how to start working on your Web3 CV. 👇

Get involved

Collaboration has never been so trendy. Almost all Web3 projects are fueled by their communities’ will to participate and buidl so it’s only natural that your first step into building a great web3 career is by dipping your toes on new - and probably decentralized - waters.

There are several ways for you to get involved. Joining Discord servers, attending community calls, buying tokens or voting on DAO proposals are just a few quick wins you can work on in order to take your career to the next level.

Collect proof

Blockchain technology made it possible to users to participate but also to prove they did so in a trustless way. This means that, through consensus mechanisms, everything that is engraved in your wallet is trusted to be rightfully yours.

How does this apply to careers? Well, you can now build a Web3 collection that compiles all certificates and other proofs such as training or degrees, participation in DAOs, POAPs and much more, thus allowing anyone to see how active you have been in building your presence in the Web3 space.

Ask questions but also DYOR

We dare to say that there’s hardly any other space out there more willing to answer questions and debate than the Web3 space. Probably due to the fact that it’s such early days and we have been so reliant on participation and collaboration, mostly all community members are very open to inquiries and willing to help a fellow out.

So, if you’re starting out - and even if you’re not, actually - don’t hesitate to expose your doubts, comments and feedback as it will probably be very valuable to you and also very valuable to your counterparts.

Just keep in mind that Web3 is also a lot about responsibility and participation which means that you should also take some time to Do Your Own Research and try to learn as much on your own terms.

It’s a hard balance but you’ll get there ✨


Careers are multiplayer journeys. Take some time to find the right people to connect with and by ‘right’ we mean those builders who can relate to your journey, who can benefit from what you have to offer, and who can help you overcome the challenges ahead.

Participate, ask questions, buy someone’s Talent Tokens, and join a mentorship program. Possibilities are endless!

Think forward

Planning every step of your career may not be a reasonable thing to do for most of us. But there are probably a few milestones we are able to identify and a couple of challenges we know we will be facing at some time in the future. Take some time to think this through and pinpoint what could be your career goals, milestones and challenges up to where you can see or predict.

This will help you not only to steer your career but to better reach out for help to the right people.

It’s ok to also make some changes in this along the way, careers are definitely not a straight line.

Feeling inspired?

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