Builders Week Throwback 👷‍♂️

Builders Week Throwback 👷‍♂️

We’re stepping out of an intense week of web3 activity in Lisbon 😮‍💨. Past June 5th to June 9th we got together to live an ultimate async hackathon complemented with conferences, workshops, and mentoring sessions, called Builders Week! We could also count on NFC and EpicWeb3 as our partners as well as themselves being events taking place at the same time.

Seems fun… but what was this all about? 🤔

Builders Week was created to empower the web3 ecosystem in Lisbon, giving builders the opportunity to invest time in their projects, pinpoint ideas and boost overall creation in a friendly and creative environment, while still networking across the different locations (varied coworking spaces and placed workshops) around the city. 🗺️

It's never too much to just connect with others and explore Lisbon while out there for 5 days, but why not have a competition? ⚒️

And we did it! Builders Week competition has already delivered $7K 💰 in prizes distributed to seven final pitched projects that intensively worked throughout the days of the event🏆.

We should probably recap a little before going into that:

June 5th 📍Fintech House

The very first day of Builders Week, started off with partner-finding for projects, but also intense work from those who were already set for the action 🔥

From 9 AM to 6 PM (UTC + 1/ WEST), the coworking spaces at Fintech House in Lisbon were available to everyone that registered beforehand on the Luma page of the event!

A sneak-peak of the environment there 👀

Right at 4PM (UTC + 1/ WEST), we officially start our set of workshops! leal.tal has provided all the builders in the building, an introductory learning space for web3 folks with the “Intro to web3” workshop 👷‍♀️

Ricardo Marques from Polkamarkets has also stated his presence with “Seamless Web3 UX with account abstraction and gasless transactions” Workshop at 5 PM this day!

Couldn’t finish the day in a better way with the infamous first Builders Break (Happy hour) of the week! Drinks, Food and you’re ready to start connecting!

June 6th 📍HOOD

Tuesday morning starting at HOOD and their amazing coworking space! Builders were already finding their path that lead to great moves on their projects, loads of committed people in the house 🏡 already starting in the morning.

Streets said that Gonçalo Sá from CreedDAO and ConsenSys gave one of the most worth listening workshops ever! “How to hunt bugs for fun and profit: a practical explanation on security reviews” gained the attention of everyone at Builders Week that afternoon at HOOD! Images that reveal how it went:

As per usual, we hosted our Builders Break starting at 6 PM, and here is where we see the dedication of the Builders: some of them, still continued working on their projects at the time of the party 🤭 In other ways, go easy on yourself and make sure to always take breaks!

June 7th 📍Kübe/CV Labs

Give it up for one the best infrastructures out there! CV Labs and Kübe provided our builders with, not only a space to work, but also relaxing zones, food and drinks and a free trial day during Builders Week at the offices 🤩

Playground mode: activated 🕹️

It’s very important to have excellent spaces and environments that allow people to work peacefully but that also allow some sense of mind dispair just to abstract constant fears and exhausting workflows, specially when the time limit to submit a project is coming the next day 😯.

June 8th 📍Live Content

The deadline to submit the project was approaching, and everyone gathered at Live Content early on Thursday morning to set up final ideas. The room covered up with focus 🧠, loads of headsets 🎧, coffee ☕ , and zig-zags from one side to another.

The clock was ticking fast, 5 hours to go… 4 hours to go… 3, 2 and suddenly a voice saying:

🗨️”1 minute left”.

6 PM and all forms were successfully sent, mission accomplished ✅

Great job builders! Next stop: finalists and pitching!

June 9th 📍Landing.Jobs

Tough Friday Morning! Although Landing.Jobs kindly had reserved a coworking space for the rest of our builders in case of anything, sleeping times took care of the majority of them 😴 Hopefully, Juampi.tal gathered some folks for a Talent Protocol pratical workshop to empower everyone’s professional career that completely blew some minds up 💥

Pitching Projects and Winners 🏆

Builders Week had welcomed seven final ready-to-pitch projects on an ending ceremony at Poolside Hub! Congratulations to all these amazing prototypes and reaching this milestone: NFTeta, InstaNFT, MintbaseAI, Orion by Crowdclass, Basket, w3me and CodeReviewSocial.

🎖️The podium was set around 6:50PM on Friday, June 6th:

🥇 InstaNFT - Onchain relationship app between creators and fans, using features like: feed uploaded pictures, minting NFTs of posted photes a user liked, engage by commenting and liking, etc… (Project submited by: Si Jia Wen)

🥈 w3me - Web3 user-centric explorer, featuring web3 identity, all activity from wallets, protocol interectation, social reputation, likeness, spending activity, all of it in an accessible and friendly way. (Project submitted by: Juampi, Daluca and Meemo)

🥉 Basket - One-click solution for diversified portfolios, that amplifies the process of investing in a range of cryptocurrencies, in a full transparency way. The investment is represented in shares on a on-chain mutual fund, whereas the smart contract of the app rebalances it. (Project submited by: Mika Ripp, Neel Schönewald and Sandro Ottaviani)

🏅Honorable remaining projects: NFTeta, MintbaseAI, Orion by Crowdclass and Code Review Social

📹 Here’s a video that better shows the ceremony:

Thank you, partners!

It’s never enough to thank everyone that helped building this edition of Builders Week. An enormous thank you to Web3Grad, StartUP Lisboa, Build Up Labs, Olisipo Way, Creed, CVLabs, Denites, Protocol Labs, Polkamarkets, HOOD, Redlight and Utrust, Based in Lisbon, Kübe, Epic Web3, Fintech House, Landing.Jobs, Live Content, Non Fungible Conference and Poolside, for supporting and sponsoring the event, and tons of other hugs to other community partners along the way!



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