Camellia Yang - "Writing serves as a great tool to know myself and gives me courage to pursue my dreams"

Camellia Yang - "Writing serves as a great tool to know myself and gives me courage to pursue my dreams"

Camellia Yang is an author, content creator,  founder, performer and so much more. She’s currently focused on writing a new novel but also on her spiritual growth, something she’s doing as a treat to herself.

Her digital nomad journey continues to lead her to new ventures and she’s expecting to grow together with readers, fans and supporters along the way.

If you’re a millennial, your goal is probably to have financial freedom. For Camellia Yang, that became a reality after she worked 8 years in a corporate job in China and New Zealand, following the conclusion of her degrees in English Literature and International Communications.

“I always wrote and performed but during those years in corporate I had one thing in mind: to have enough financial freedom that allowed me to do whatever I wanted”.

And so, in 2019, Camellia felt the time had finally come to make a change. She packed her bags and moved to England, following two of her passions: football and English literature.

Her move also made it clear for her that she was to pursue an entrepreneurial career path with the ultimate goal of becoming a full-time writer and content creator. But, as soon as Camellia reaches London, she experiences her first lockdown and, with that, the sense of loneliness and paused dreams that so many of us felt in the Spring of 2020. “Lockdown changed me but writing was my savior - it serves as a great tool to know myself and gives me courage to pursue my dreams", Camellia explains while telling that she eventually used her free time to start writing in English (she was much more at ease in writing in Chinese at the that moment) and also to accept a challenge coming from an online community to try to write a novel in 30 days. She successfully completed the challenge - actually, during the first lockdown she managed to write three books (The Invisible Third Culture Adult, Chiwi Journal Vol1 & Vol2).

The experience proved Camellia two things: the first is that she was capable of writing in English and, the second, that there were actually people who enjoyed reading her words.

Camellia went from being a foreigner in a locked down country to a full-time writer and entrepreneur: she since then has started her own online community, launched a newsletter and podcast and is now focused on another novel - all while she is nurturing her well-being through spirituality.

After so many changes - she’s been moving a lot for quite some time now - she’s taking time to digest all the things she lived along the way, learning, meditating and joining retreats as well deepening her knowledge around psychedelics, a field that made her wanting to learn more about religion and mythology.

While she’s growing her writing business, she continues to expand her crypto investments and aims to build in Web3 a community of like-minded supporters who see value in what she does.

“I grew up in Chinese culture but I’ve lived my adult years in the West. I see myself as a bridge between both worlds”, she claims.


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