Can I join Talent Protocol?

Can I join Talent Protocol?
The answer is yes. You can and you should join Talent Protocol's beta.

Back in November 2021, while we are still in Season 01, we launched the private beta version of Talent Protocol’s platform. We were still invite-only for all of those who wanted to launch a Talent Token, support talented builders or both.

However, as Francisco Leal ($LEAL) - brilliantly - explained in our latest Community Call (watch it here in case you missed it), Season 01 was all about testing tokens whilst the ongoing Season 02 is about building a talent network.

This means that we have killed the private in our beta! 🥳

Anyone can now join Talent Protocol, build a profile and officially step-up their Web3 careers.

After signing up, take some time to build a pitch and let the community of high-potential builders know what are your challenges, roadmap and your career goals. Once your profile is complete you will earn rewards and become able to apply to launch a Talent Token, as well as start supporting talent you believe in.

Are you set? Great!

You now can also invite talented Web3 builders to join and start working on their professional network of the future 💫 All you have to do is share your personal invite link.