Carolline Miranda - "I’ve always wanted to understand how technology works"

Carolline Miranda - "I’ve always wanted to understand how technology works"

Her shy smile hides a confident and curious woman, ready to spearhead challenges that range from helping people identify burnouts, to business development or entrepreneurship.

Carolline Miranda launched $CMX aiming to expand her network while she navigates her new professional challenge in tech.

Carolline doesn’t even blink when she’s asked to tell her story and she knows exactly where it should begin: when she was a newly-graduate and had the opportunity to help Brazilian companies to take their businesses abroad. This experience granted her the opportunity not only to work closely with the government of Brazil but also with leading brands across the country.

It is likely that Carolline knows how rare of an opportunity this was for a young Latin-American woman in the world of business but she tells her story as naturally as possible, proving that closed doors were never an issue for her.

In 2017, Carolline enrolled in a Master’s degree in Universidade do Minho, in Portugal, aiming to develop her knowledge around International Business and Innovation. Overall, her adaptation to a new country proved to be easy, as she understood that “In Portugal, there is more space for women”.

As she graduated, she started working with local companies from the North of Portugal as well as for foreign ventures. During this period she also took on a major challenge: becoming a mother on the eve of the pandemic.

Even though her hands were full, she still managed to devote some of her time to volunteering, helping Namibian youngsters to launch their businesses and also by making it possible for refugees in Europe to start their own ventures once relocated. “I’m really proud of having been part of these two projects”, she claims.

Aside from her volunteering projects, she started working with a startup studio based in Germany but she managed to join only to find that  the company was being acquired, and she found herself solely managing the company’s handover. “I can proudly say that 80% of the employees kept their jobs”, she confesses.

As the project came to an end, Carolline jumped once again for a new opportunity, this time at Demium, a start-up incubator. There she was inspired by the amazing stories of people who were building their own dreams and so, by January 2021, she left to launch her own company: a SaaS able to determine a person’s level of burnout. The project grew rapidly, reaching the stage of successful product testing and leading to the search for investment, something that really made its mark on Carolline: “After six months of chasing investment, we gave up”, she claims. “But I learned everything with this project, I owe it a lot. And, looking back, the only thing I would change is that I would have done it sooner, so that I could have all these skills earlier in life”, she admits.

Carolline is now collaborating with Juno as a Employee Wellbeing Expert, a place where she can bring her business development, partnership management, sales and product skills to the table. Her curiosity is endless and she keeps adding new skills to her resume such as, for instance, coding - “I’ve always wanted to understand how technology works”, she claims.


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