Looking back to our Community Call #10

Looking back to our Community Call #10

Hey folks, Talent Protocol hosted Community Call #10 earlier this month!

In case you missed, here’s a short recap! You can also see the full version on YouTube.👇

The agenda for community call:

  1. Macro Roadmap w/ $PCBO
  2. Season 2 Wrap Up w/ $MACEDO
  3. Polygon Race w/ $MACEDO
  4. Season 3 Product Plan w/ $LEAL
  5. Season 3 Marketing Plan w/ $MACEDO
  6. Ambassadors Program w/ $MACEDO
  7. Welcomes & goodbyes w/ $SARIM
  8. Save the Date w/ $SARIM

1. Macro Roadmap

$PCBO opened up our virtual stage to share a little what each season was and is all about:

S1 Talent Tokens

DeFi dApp to invest in talent. Launched on Celo. Great results using real money (cUSD).

S2 Talent Network

The web3 professional network. Launched: Talent House, Level Up, Multi-Chain (Polygon). Great user growth.

S3 Talent Game

From passive investors to active contributors.

2. Season 2 Wrap Up

For Season 2 the goal was to go from a social token app to a social platform made for web3 builders and designed for the future of work.

Milestones 🏆

  1. We grew to +150k users in the first 3 months of S2 (+800% growth)
  2. We reached +500 tokens launched before ending Season 2.
  3. We became a multi-chain platform by launching on Polygon.
  4. We closed our final private round led by Protocol Labs, joined also by Jump Crypto, ZMT, the founders of Celo and other strategic partners. In total we raised $2.65M (excluding grants).
  5. We organized Talent Houses in Barcelona, Paris and Mexico City. We received +1,000 applications, gave 35 scholarships, and our teams won a bunch of prizes at the ETHMexico hackathon!

📰 Read more learnings and highlights from S2 in the blog post by $MACEDO

3. Polygon Race

Talent Protocol is now live on Polygon. This means that you can now choose to launch your own Talent Token on Celo or on Polygon.

26 Talents have already launched their token on Polygon! You can join in too!

Learn all about it herehttps://blog.talentprotocol.com/polygon/

4. Season 3 Product Plan

We are creating the web3 profile that represent your career and serves as a key to unlock access to new opportunities, make meaningful connections and a way for you to own your career data. It consist of three layers:

  • Protocol Layer: Career metadata and financial utilities.
  • Application Layer: Derive and verify data from the base layer.
  • Community Layer: Leverage a verified profile to build new initiatives for careers

Season 3 is coined as the “Talent Game” season, so in this season we’ll focus on four main areas:

  1. Making the Talent Protocol economy dynamic by allowing virtual $TAL to be used to expand and create your career circle.

2. Create the tools to validate, add credentials and on-chain information to your Talent Protocol profile.

3. Career Circle tools: new ways to create your career circle and engaging with your circle.

4. Open the platform to allow for integrations to more easily occur.

💡Get better overview of our S3 Product Plan here!

5. Season 3 Marketing Plan

To support our Product vision we have a proper strategies and initiatives:

  • Audience 😌
    Build an audience of humble builders, who do more than they brag. Humble builders are loud with their actions, but quiet with their words.
  • Story 👹
    a. Villain: LinkedIn Influencer 💪😬
    b. LinkedIn’s Weaknesses: self-promotion, bragging, lies, pride, competition, corporate, “suit” mentality, standardization, …
    c. Our Superpower: collaborative work, doers not talkers, community -driven, collective success, belief that talent is abundant
  • Priorities
    MVP approach: minimal resources, maximal impact. Our key channels and initiatives will be:
    a. NFT collection & claim your username.
    b. Ambassadors actively promoting our content and inviting talent.
    c. Editorial newsletter with weekly web3 opportunities, a curation of talent looking for new challenges and motivational stories from our community.
    d. Distribute more Talent House scholarships in 2023.

👀 It’s TIME to reveal the new style of our website (starting 35:14) and a sneak-peak of S3 customizable NFT Collection (starting 38:47)!

Customizable NFT Collection

We’d love to know WHAT YOU THINK about our Season 3 Plan: https://talentprotocol.typeform.com/S3feedback

6. Ambassadors Program

More than 300 applications were received, we shortlisted 25 of them, and now we’re ready to introduce all of our ambassadors!

First Cohort of Talent Protocol Ambassadors

Ambassadors will be divided into two guilds: Product and Community. Check out our Talent Protocol Ambassadors database!

Applications for cohort #2 will open soon! Keep an eye on our Twitter, Discord and Telegram!

7. Welcomes & goodbyes

As you can mentioned today’s community call host was $SARIM as $ISA isn’t a core team member anymore BUT she’ll remain connected with the Talent Protocol community as a seasonal contributor. Isabella prepared a cool video for us (starting 50:39)!

We are also welcome Pallavi to the tech team (starting 52:38)!

8. Save the Date

Useful Links

Twitter | Youtube | Discord | Telegram | Bounties Board | Ambassador Program | S2 Wrap Up | S3 Feedback

By the way, Season 3 is already live! Check it out here.


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