Community Call #11 - The first of Season 3

Community Call #11 - The first of Season 3

Hey folks, Talent Protocol hosted Community Call #11 a few days ago!

In case you missed, here’s a short recap but you can also see the full version on YouTube 👇

The agenda for community call:

  1. Team w/ pcbo.tal
  2. Live demo: Talent Protocol Pallet w/ pcbo.tal
  3. Live demo: NFT Collection w/ leal.tal
  4. Unstoppable domains w/ ruben.tal
  5. Season 3 launch w/ ppereira.tal
  6. ‘Builder Buddies’ newsletter w/ sarim.tal
  7. Bogota and Lisbon Recap w/ lumi.tal
  8. Learning Fest recap w/ pcbo.tal
  9. Polygon race winner draw w/ sarim.tal
  10. Q&A w/ core team

1. Team

Talent Protocol continues to build despite the challenging times in the crypto market. Here are some updates about our team:

  • Francisco Leal officially became a co-founder
  • Tolga Dizmen joined as Operations Manager (part-time)
  • TP is hiring a Product Manager, referrals welcome!
  • Welcome, Guild Leads: Juampi (Content), rudnevsky (Community), Timofey (Product), Vishal (Product)!
  • Learnings and changes in the Ambassador Program (starting 08:27)

2. Live demo: Talent Protocol Pallet

The Talent Protocol Pallet is a new place where organizations can post job or opportunities listings and access a collective of talented builders.

🤝 pcbo.tal told us what’s cool about the Pallet, how you can become part of it and find your what's missing in your career. (starting 12:07) Discover and access a curated list of fresh opportunities, work on exciting web3 projects, meet a co-founder, partner on side projects & more here!

3. Live demo: NFT Collection

This is a must-see! Sneak-peak of NFT Talent Protocol collection! 👀 (starting 16:34)

Customizable NFT Collection

4. Unstoppable domains Partnership

Talent Protocol has integrated with Unstoppable Domains. This means that you can set up your Talent account with your UD in two clicks! See how it works and what other benefits it brings here.


Try it right now on

5. Season 3 launch

New season — new and fresh look! Check it out!

🎨 Feel free to explore new amazing Brand Guide (S3)!

6. ‘Builder Buddies’ newsletter

We are happy to launch a new newsletter ‘Builder Buddies’ where we will share

  1. Articles and tips you can use to build your web3 career

2. Unique opportunities

3. Inspirations and stories by web3 builders who already have a footprint on the web3 space

4. And much more!

💎 We promise, no spam! Only important information you’re interested in.
Try it now!

7. Bogota and Lisbon Recap

This month was very eventful! Check out the short videos to stay informed and get a feel for the cool vibes:

8. Learning Fest recap

Earlier in October, Talent Protocol hosted the Learning Fest on Gather Town (video chat metaverse)! We’ve discussed career opportunities, tokenization, web3 onboarding and more.

💡 You can find more info about context, outcomes, our thoughts about Learning Fest here.

9. Polygon race winner draw

One of the thing when we launched on Polygon was the Polygon Race where talents could win 500 TAL and an opportunity to win up to 1,000 USDC in learning budget!

Polygon Race

It’s time to draw the winner (starting 41:57). Congratulations to Munashe Magidi! He attended the community call and was very surprised to win!

10. Q&A

We’ve discussed POAP for the CC#10, Level-up program, TP NFT collection and more (starting 42:45)

Save the Date

  • Talent Protocol Community Call #12: Dec 14th, 5PM on Youtube (RSVP via

Useful Links

Product Manager Role | S3 Brand Guide| ‘Builder Buddies ’Newsletter | Bounties Board | Ambassador Program |

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