Looking back, looking forward - Here’s what we covered in our first 2023 Community Call

Looking back, looking forward - Here’s what we covered in our first 2023 Community Call
TL;DR - During our latest Community Call we shared our annual community update and presented our S3 KPIs and the newest community structure. We also covered sponsorship opportunities, Talent House Denver grant winners, Product updates, Research rollouts and our agenda for the upcoming weeks.

In the mood to watch the whole thing? Here's the recording 👇

1. Annual Update

Why are we excited about the uncomfortable year ahead?

We've decided to kick things off with a message of retrospective but also of expectation. What we've missed and what hit the target during 2022 and how we're facing this new year. For a more detailed view, hop on our blog post about it.

2. Season 3 KPIs

We know that, given the current global panorama, surviving is thriving for web3 projects during 2023. That is why we've worked on ambitious but achievable KPIs to guide our actions during this year.

Here's what we are aiming to reach by the end of June:

  1. 10k+ new onboarded users
  2. $100k+ in revenue
  3. 1k+ Talent House applicants
  4. 5k+ on-chain transactions
  5. 2k+ monthly active users

3. Community V2

As our community grows bigger and bigger, the Talent Protocol team as felt the need to rearrange things bit in order to provide the best experience to all members, increase opportunities to collaborate and provide clearer roles and rewards to all of those who believe in our mission and help us make it a reality.

That is why we've presented the version 2 of our community during the call, made of 4 levels based on commitment, each one of them unlocking perks, access to new channels and special privileges.

Talent Protocol's Community V2

Talking about community, we've also welcomed Bruno Guedes to the team! You can support his professional journey here.

Last but not least on the community front, there was also time for a special nudge: the Talent Mates NFT collection is already out and all verified Talent Protocol users can now mint their mates! Learn more about it here.

4. Sponsorship Plans

As we build our ambitious goal of reaching $100k+ in revenue by the end of Season 3, we are also working on new ways to generate opportunities within the community that can also help us reach that KPI. That is why Pedro Andrade presented all the sponsorship opportunities you can grab:

  • Talent Challenge: where organizations can present roadblocks and current challenges they need help to solve and we'll help them overcome those challenges with the help of our talent community.
  • Talent Board: all the talent and opportunities our community is looking for in just one place.
  • Talent Newsletter: sponsorship opportunities for web3 projects looking to reach out to thousands of talented folks.
  • Talent Brunch: become part of a local private event, hosted by Talent Protocol, tha aims to attract and inspired the new generation of web3 builders.

More on how to become a sponsor here.

5. Talent House

Ethereum Denver is Talent House's first location in 2023 and we've already decided on who's join us for a few days of web3 fun and building! Congratulations to everyone who won a Talent House grant and we'll see you soon!

Did you miss this opportunity? Don't worry. New Talent Houses are on the making and you'll have plenty of chances to apply to become a scholar. Subscribe here to get the alerts you need.

6. Product News

Building has never been more important. Our product team has been working hard on bringing the best web3 product to live. Here's a bit of what's new:

  • New Design System: so everyone can contribute to Design Bounties and for the community to use our templates more easily.
  • New Features: improved talent search, new profile verification process, career goal status option and .TAL domain (out soon).

7. Research

Even though we are not quite happy with the term "whitepaper", we've been working in improving ours. We are also creating a Peer Review Group for this so, if you want to help us build a stellar paper and be rewarded for that, just shoot an email to [email protected] and let him know how you can help.

You can also keep up with it and all existing documentation here.

Aside from the whitepaper, the team has been working on building a stronger research foundation. That is why we've created the Lab where we document all our experiments and due outcomes.

Must Deliver

This monthly community call is a very special accountability moment for all contributors. Here's what we've promised to deliver by the next one:

See you all in less than a month! We'll be live again on February 7th, at 5 Pm (GMT). Don't miss it, get a reminder ⬇️

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