Community Call #14 - New launches, Talent House editions and much more

Hey, hey!

The Talent Protocol team hosted its 14th Community Call last week. If you haven't watched a Community Call, here's what they are usually all about:

  1. An accountability moment from the team towards the community;
  2. A moment to launch new features and special announcements;
  3. A monthly time to interact LIVE with everyone watching;
  4. And a key moment to let you know what we've achieved (usually in a one month period) and what we will accomplish in the future.

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Talent Protocol Community Call · Luma
For Talent Protocol, our Community Calls are almost a 1-1 meeting with core contributors - filled with important announcements, the chance to ask questions and earn a POAP 🌟Here are 5...

You can also rewatch our full February Community Call here 👇

However, if you're a busy builder and don't have time to rewatch the whole thing, here's a brief recap of everything that went down during Community Call #14  👇

Product Updates

.tal Domain Launch

It's finally here: you can now have your own personal customized Talent Protocol domain!

We did a demo on this during the Community Call but here's also a very cool blog post about it where you can learn more about what's the domain, how you can claim it and how to use it.

Claim your Talent Protocol domain
You can now claim your handle for your Talent Protocol profile and use it to build your on-chain profile and as a web3 address.

Virtual $TAL

In the light of kicking off a Talent economy, we have been working on bringing to the community new ways of earning and spending $TAL. This means that we have done some improvements over the smart contracts we use for this and now we are ready to be audited!

The new smart contract will allow users to do more in the app so stay tuned for new ways to interact with incredible builders across the globe.

Homepage Revamp

A new EPIC is here: building an improved homepage with a brand new user onboarding and a new stack. We are now open to feedback and inspiration to kick-off this new challenge.


There was still time for our usual reminder that we have open bounties for all community who wish to help us build Talent Protocol and be rewarded for that. Take a look of what's open here.

Community Updates

Build Day

Every month, the Talent Protocol team takes a couple of days to explore a topic and build a prototype. Our plan is to open the next Build Days to community so that we turn it into a learning opportunity for everyone.


We've added new cool products to our merch store. You can check them out here.

Talent Protocol Swag Shop
Talent Protocol

IRL Events

During last month, we were able to host and also be present in several events, something that make us very proud and that always brings added value to our project and mission.

Great time at the ReFi meetup, Gnosis Meetup, Startup Grind and Nestlé.🥂

Talent House

In case you didn't know, Talent House is our proud and joy because it allows us to actually take high-potential builders to web3 conferences, network and build an invested community of avid learners and doers.

You can only imagine how happy we are with knowing that we were actually capable of securing 10 more editions of Talent House with the support of Protocol Labs 👏

Fasten your seatbelts because 3 new editions are just around the corner:

  • Denver, USA
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Istanbul, Turkey.

Must Deliver

And the final section of our call is dedicated to our commitment to the community, letting everyone know what we'll roll out by the time of the next community call.

Here's our plan:

  • Virtual Wallet (overdue)
  • Team Pages
  • New Homepage
  • New Onboarding Flow

Aaaaaand that's it! See you in March, folks!

Meanwhile, the conversation is always ongoing on our Discord and Twitter page. Join us there!