Community Call #15 - The saga continues

Community Call #15 - The saga continues

Hey talented buddy,

Last week was our usual Community Call. A time to gather our community members and team and keep everyone up to speed regarding everything that's new on Talent Protocol and what's to come in the next weeks.

This was a very special edition because we counted with no only one but two very special guests! Check more below.

Our Twitter saga continues...

It's been more than a month that our Twitter account was blocked. Talent Protocol's CEO kicked off the 15th Community Call by giving a general update on this (read more here) and also by letting everyone now that we've launched a new Twitter account! 🥳

Follow us here 👇

Belief Capital 💫

In the last month or so, we've been working on a new pitch deck and a brand new way of presenting Talent Protocol to the world.

The very first time we've presented externally our new Belief Capital narrative was during the call, hoping to gather some insights and feedback about the turn we've took when pitching Talent Protocol to others. This was the longest section of the call but also the most important and detailed part to check it out in the video (starting around min 10).

.tal Domains

Last month, we've launched the first ever Talent Protocol community domains!

Claim your Talent Protocol domain
You can now claim your handle for your Talent Protocol profile and use it to build your on-chain profile and as a web3 address.

In a month, we've sold 86 handles almost organically! Now it's time for some product improvements and a proper marketing push 💪.

Public API

Now here's something that wasn't in our plans in our previous call but turned out to be a deliverable - and one that makes us very proud, we must say. The first version of our API is out!

We will now iterate on it and add more endpoints along the way. Let's us know if you have any specific uses cases for this we could help you with.

Lens integration

We've completed the first milestone in the integration with Lens! We are one step closer of proving a full web3 social experience with this and we are beyond excited.

Talent House news

It's undeniable that Talent House always takes a part in our calls. This time we took a few minutes to look back to what happened in EthDenver and also... to announce the winners of Talent House Rio! Congratulations to Abel, Brian, Cristina, Emilio, Felipe, Freddy, Lurgia, Mey, Sandra and Vitor! See you all very soon down in cidade maravilhosa.

We will host a brunch in Rio de Janeiro on March 30th. If you want to support this event, shoot a message to [email protected].

We've also took some time to announce that Talent House is going back to Lisbon! Yes, that's right, from June 9th to 13th, we will host a new edition in Portugal's capital, just in time for the city's festivities and to participate in the Lisbon Weekend Hackhaton.


This last month we kicked off two learning partnerships with true web3 frens: Surge Women and impactMarket. We counted with the participation of Susanne Zapelão to tell us a bit more about the learn&earn course we've co-created alongside them and that makes us very proud since it's a very tangible effort in onboarding more people into web3 from different regions.

And that was about it! A very intense, funny and committed Community Call.

Don't miss the next one, happening on April 11th. RSVP here.