Community Call #16 - Important Updates, Talent Events, Bounties, and more

Community Call #16 - Important Updates, Talent Events, Bounties, and more

👋 Hey talented mate,

We're full of things to tell you from our amazing Talent Protocol Community call #16 (April 11th, 2023)

So, grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and prepare to be blown away by what we have in store for you!

Have you missed it? No worries, we got you covered! 💪Check the recorded live stream or keep reading for more:

Brief agenda of the community call!

  1. Product Updates w/ leal.tal
  2. Community Updates w/ pcbo.tal
  3. Talent House w/ lumi.tal
  4. Must deliver w/ pcbo.tal
  5. Community Agenda

1. Product Updates 🚀

Exciting news, folks! leal.tal has given us the ultimate guide through the new features and the path Talent Protocol is taking, and has announced that we've recently pushed our #1000 pull request!

Onto the big updates:

New Support Models ✨

New quarter of the year is coming and so are brand new Support Models.

🤝 Talent Protocol’s priority has always been the connection between talent seekers and the talent themselves, as well as “how can talent better support each other” (leal.tal, Community Call #16) in a sense of utility and differences from other platforms**,** and there’s nothing more important that contributing to it by upgrading the platform to have:

  • Career updates
  • Subscription to staking
  • Sponsor options

We're dedicated to continuous improvement, and these updates are just the beginning. Stay tuned for more!

The ultimate update: Virtual Wallets! 😎

😮 Yes, that’s right → VIRTUAL WALLETS!

The next big product update is going to rebrand current portfolios into virtual wallets, as well as facilitate the $TAL transactions between talents. This has been so far, one of the major interests to be delivered very soon!

(Also, let’s all applaud the effort taken on the recent smart contracts upgrade 👏)

On-chain Voting 🔗🗳️

We’re moving forward and multi-chain. We want to utilize on-chain votes with Snapshot, users will need to hold a Talent Mate, which can be easily minted at

👉 But there's more to it! Three different options will be up for voting, which will be picked from this tweet, so leave your reply here: 🐦

(make sure to follow the account as well 😉 )

And the little steps we’re taking:

Public Design System 🎨

A posterior bounties-focused project that is now in its alpha stage as an npm installation package! Reach out for more on Github.

Finished bounties 🌐

Now it’s possible to search for anyone on any page of the platform, contributing to a more accessible reach with Global Search, as well as the visual Social Graph of users (developing).

2. Community Updates 🫂

New bounties 💰

Interested in helping us, showcase your talents, and still earn some rewards in the process? Check our Dework page, where we have some exciting new bounties available for you to sink your teeth into! We're always looking for ways to support our users, and we believe that these new opportunities will help you take your skills to the next level. ⬆️

Welcome New Ambassadors! 💫

Our team has grown, and out of a selection of 700 applications 🤩, these are the ones we believe that are going to bring will and perspectives to the platform!

  • DanIsNearby
  • genesisdegen
  • Totoro_11
  • whtifigo.tal
  • BlondyChain
  • anastese
  • Kristina Tubera

Let me guess, now you want to know more about the ambassadors’ program 😉.

Don’t you love web3 meetups? 💻

Our first ever Porto Meetup left us all speechless!

Held at the Mindera offices, the Talent Protocol team has provided the attendees of the meetup with some activities and conversations about:

  • ⚙️ Workshops on Smart Contracts
  • 🪪 Web3 Careers
  • 🧠 ZK rollups
  • 🔨 Community Building

A truly excellent full-pack for the development of the future.

Speaking about development…

Celo Europe DAO 🔥

Talent Protocol held a Twitter space along with some other excellent folks on the Celo Ecosystem that together, submitted a proposal to the Celo Europe DAO. Ideas non-stop, reaffirming and optimizing the proposal to be accepted. The space was recorded and you can check it 👉here.

3. Talent House 🏡

lumi.tal has told us all about the past Talent House Rio edition and couldn’t even find words to express herself. Such an ASTONISHING edition.

Our alumni had a blast and made their potential grown at 100% there.

Here is a sneak peak of how it went. 👇

🏡 Talent House Lisbon!

Talent House Rio has passed but Talent House Lisbon is coming just next in June.

The applications are closing very very soon on April 23rd so be fast and apply for it now!

Builders Week ⚒️

Talent Protocol wants to go big, so no more term of ‘hackathon’. We’re here for Builders Week!

A whole week of fun and building, from 5th to 9th of June with a complementary list of:

  • 10 workshops
  • 4 after hours
  • Mentoring
  • Coworking Spaces
  • Competition & Winners

Let’s boom the Lisbon Ecosystem! 🤩 🚀

We’re waiting for our alumni and local hosts at the event, so don’t miss the chance to apply on .

but as if the Lisbon events weren’t enough, we couldn’t take the eyes off our dear lover…

Talent House Paris 🥐

We can now announce a special Talent House Paris to take place this year between July 15th and 21st! To know more details about this, don’t forget to follow our Twitter account **TalentHouse2023!** Lumi has told us about the 10 spots in the event, don't miss this out, and ****be informed for more on our Twitter! 🐦

4. Must Deliver 🌟

We take absolute responsibility and we’re focused on growing our ecosystem the best we can. Despite our hardships, resilience always leads somewhere. With this, we have commited ourselves to deliver these features until the next call:

  • 👉 Virtual Wallet
  • 👉 New Homepage
  • 👉 Team pages

Wrapping up for some final thoughts, our community agenda is full!

Check it out below!

We hope you have enjoyed this written recap as much as I did writting it! It makes me so excited to be around helping a community grow, maybe you should join as well! Be part of this, log yourself in and connect together on our Discord!

See you soon! 👋



Talent Protocol Ambassador 💫