Community Call #17 ☎️ - It’s been 2 years…

Community Call #17 ☎️ - It’s been 2 years…

👋 Hey mate!

Our last community call was a blast, and we’re full of new things to catch you up on.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Community Call #17👇

You may even prefer watching the full livestream, we always save them:

The agenda of the community call:

  1. Opening Remarks w/ pcbo.tal, filmacedo.tal and leal.tal
  2. Community Updates w/ filmacedo.tal
  3. Product Updates w/ leal.tal, filmacedo.tal and pp.tal
  4. Talent House w/ lumi.tal
  5. Must Deliver w/ pcbo.tal
  6. Community Agenda w/

1. Opening Remarks

Two years ago, Talent Protocol was born… and we’re still here to continue the adventure! filmacedo.tal has given a shout out to all the advisors, early supporters, investors, partners and overall contributors that have helped in any way to guide Talent Protocol to the place it is at right now. 🚀

Despite ups and downs, we’ve had the bullseye pcbo.tal talked so much about, with Talent Houses 🏡 being a huge success within the community, being live on Celo and Polygon, the talent mates NFT collection, the .tal domains, having our own API 🤯, as well as the recent added features: sponsoring, subscribing and staking.

This all has all been part of the evolution of Talent Protocol, and we couldn’t be more committed to continue this journey with the community. A big thank you 🙏

A little piece of news

2. Community Updates 🫂

Top 100 builders 👷

As May 2nd was the day of celebrations, it’s never late to stop partying. The Talent Protocol team has listed the top 100 high-potential builders, with complete profiles, full of experiences that may interest you in supporting them. Check them out here and find out if you’re one of them.

Build Day ⚒️

Build Day #7 is running already, but did you know the applications for Build Day #8 have opened? Here are some things you may need for it 👀:

  • A computer 🖥️
  • Your own desk 🖊️
  • Goodwill ☀️

Join some community folks and apply for the Build Day #8 here!

The power of the Lisbon Ecosystem 🌐

ETHGlobal Lisbon is coming next weekend, and the Talent Protocol team will be there hacking,  as well as hosting a Talent Brunch on the May 12th!

Coming right with $7k in prizes, the Builders Week is right at the second week of June, from the 5th to the 9th 🤩 **(**and so will the Talent House Lisbon till the 10th.) Have a week of building and networking to warm up the beginning of summer!

“If you’re in Lisbon, these are great opportunities to build together!” - filmacedo. tal (Community Call #17)

New roles 👑, new colors 🌈

Quick announcement to share the new roles leading to new colors on the Discord Channel!

You may also see some badges/emojis next to names to identify members who are core contributors, ambassadors, Talent Mate holders, etc…)

Claim yours at and make sure to update it on 🎭get-your-roles channel in case of any doubt.

Job opportunities at Telegram’s channel 💼

Subscribe to Talent Protocol’s Telegram channel to receive fresh career opportunities that you won’t want to miss out! We just revamped the channel to make the most out of the platform, and it already grew 40% since we made this change. 📈 Here is all you need.

Referral Race 🏎️

Lastly on the celebration pack, AN ANNIVERSARY RACE!

3, 2 ,1… GO! 🏁

From May 1st until May 31st, the top3 users who invite the most folks to the platform, will be granted a total of 5,000 $TAL! (1st place: 2,500 TAL; 2nd: 1,500 TAL; 3rd: 1,000 TAL)

Let’s go!

Filipe Macedo's interview with Protocol Labs 🧪

filmacedo. tal took the stage with Protocol Labs, Talent Protocol’s partner, giving all the insights about what’s being built and what its aimed on the platform. No one can put this more into words than Filipe himself, so why don’t you take a look? 👇

3. Product Updates 🚀

Subscriptions & Sponsorship 📨

If you have been here for some time, you know we already had the staking feature since a while back, but to complement the support models, we added the subscriptions and sponsorship. 🤝 And in less than a month since the launch of subscriptions, we got amazing results already:

  • 🗣️ 120 Career Updates sent
  • 👥 2089 new subscription request

Provided these numbers….

  • 📧 300% increase in number of emails sent.
  • 🚀 New high in Monthly Active Users since January 2023.

We’re happy to see what’s being shared through subscriptions and career updates. Let the whole world know about what you’re doing and building!

As for sponsorships, we believe in the potential of this support model, and it will be now the “official grant system” of Talent Protocol. This essentialy means that Talent Houses, Builders Week and Build Day will be delivering the grants through this feature!

Virtual wallet & Homepage Demos 🖥️

leal.tal shared with us one of our must deliver and coming up next feature: virtual wallet! (starting at 42:21)

A sneak peak doesn’t hurt… 👀

And our master of design, pp.tal, has presented the demo of the upcoming homepage/dashboard, which is already in the final stages of testing! (starting at 46:10)

Big changes that help implement the minor ones, this will come super in-handy for everyone! ☀️

New Bounty 💼

📢 Front-end devs with React.js knowledge, come here!

Through the demo of the dashboard, there’s a widget for the collective pages, and that’s all this is about. A space where communities, teams and companies can co-exist to show themselves together (for instance: highlighting the activitiy from people part of organizations and who they are.)

Reach out to the team if you’re interested!

4. Talent House 🏡

lumi.tal put us busy to never forget the Talent House Rio 🇧🇷, and now more than ever! We just got a new footage of the whole experience back in March, and you can check it either on our website or Youtube Channel!

→ Youtube channel: (Subscribe🔔)

→ Talent House Rio:

And on the cast of more international scholars for the next edition of Talent HouseIn Lisbon from 5th to 10th of June... we have: 🥁🥁🥁

A-DA! ✨ Congrats if you’re one of these selected alumni, we meet you there ina couple of weeks!

And if you didn’t get in, don’t worry, you still have until June 1st to apply to the amazing Talent House Paris 🏡🇫🇷 We don’t gatekeep rare opportunities, so here is what you need to know about it:

  • 🎟️ a FREE ticket to EthCC Paris 2023
  • 🏨 a FREE shared stay with your fellow scholars
  • 🛫 up to $750 travel budget
  • 👾 chance to hack at ETHGlobal Paris
  • 🥂 endless networking opportunities

👉Apply for it:

5. Must-Deliver & Community Agenda 🌟

We’re still talking about the headaches the virtual wallet has been giving 🙃 and despite slowing the delivery since the past community call, its on the must-deliver until the next one along we two other things, so let’s recap:

Must Deliver from last community call

  • 🟡 Virtual Wallet
  • 🔴 Team Pages (now a Bounty)
  • 🟡 New Homepage

Must Deliver until next community call

  • 👉 Virtual Wallet
  • 👉 New Homepage
  • 👉 Earn Page

Too many dates? Here you have a wrap of it all! 👇

Hoping to see you here on the next post, don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter, Twitter, Youtube Channel and join our Discord to be up to date with all the surprises we have, especially on the birthday month 💚

See you soon 👋



Talent Protocol Ambassador 💫