Sun is out, community is in - A recap from Community Call #8

Sun is out, community is in - A recap from Community Call #8

Summer's out (whether the season or the vibes), but here at Talent Protocol, some of the core team members stayed in to take part in our monthly ritual - the Community Call.

Wait… I know I used the term ritual, but there's nothing related with singing Three Little Birds by a bonfire at the beach, or dancing to All Night Long in a bbq night at a team offsite (I may or may not have participated in the latter).

Talent Protocol's Community Calls are, in short, a 1-hour live gathering in which we share product and growth updates, as well as exciting announcements to our community - it's open for everyone to watch and participate, and it's available on our Youtube channel.

Last week, we hosted our 8th Community Call - in case you were too busy sunbathing (lucky you!), here's a recap for you to dive in 🤿

Season 2 - how it's going, what's next

At Talent Protocol, we phase the product and community development into seasons, which lasts for 3-4 months each - pretty much like the Earth seasons. $LEAL opened up our virtual stage to share a little more how these seasons were planed:

Season 1 was about testing Talent Tokens.

Season 2 is about building a Talent Network.

Season 3 will be focused on creating the Talent Game and it will start in October 2022 - come join our next Community Call and we'll tell you all about it.

Wen token?

Uff, the every-call opening question… which we'll keep on gladly answering 😉 we will move forward with the Token Launch if two or more of the following conditions take place:

  1. Highly engaged community
  2. Product-market fit
  3. Market circumstances permitting

Product updates

We have fully automated the application process to create a profile in our platform, which was a long time ache for yours truly, the Community person at Talent Protocol. Also, we've been working on better email notifications - I promise you no spam, but if you change your mind, you can always update your preferences at the Settings page.

Nuestra casa es su casa 🏠

It's time to $MACEDO tell how it went our Talent House #2 in (heated) Paris. Wait, why tell if we can show?

While we're still processing last weekend's Talent House in México City, we'll be soon packing up to our next destination: Bogotá - come meet us and 14 talented builders at Devcon in October!

Talent Hunt 🕵️

Remember Referral Race? Here's a new, better version: Talent Hunt is an ongoing program that rewards members for referring new talent to our community.

All users with the ‘Beginner Quest’ completed are eligible to participate - check it out how it works here (starting at 22:55):

Bounties 💰

"How can I help?" We get this question a lot from our Community and we finally have a full page of bounties you can pick and build.

Applying for one of our open bounties is very simple:

1.  Check the bounties available

2.  Apply via this form

3.  Your application will be reviewed by the team

4.  Assessment task

5.  Got the bounty? Time to BUIDL!

New bounties are posted every week, so keep an eye on our Discord, Twitter or Telegram channel for updates.

Ambassadors Program ✨

$ISA is back on stage and can't hide her excitement of (finally!) launching Talent Protocol's Ambassador Program to our dear Community.

This program was created by/for individuals that are enthusiastic about all-things Web3 and are willing to help the Talent Protocol community grow - the benefits to join ranges from limited-edition Talent Protocol swag, priority access to Talent House and Level Up programs and token rewards based on your contribution.

Does this sound interesting to you? Head to our Ambassadors Program page and apply until September 4th!

DYOR Day 🔎

Long time "Youtube live chat" texter, first time in front of the camera: $SARIM, our Content Lead, presented the results of our first DYOR Day, in which each of the core team members took some time to research about new trends and projects in the web3 space. You can read all about it in our blog.

It's a wrap! 🌯

After a brief Q&A, it's time for a much-awaited POAP and a reminder we'll be soon together at our next Community Call on September 7th (add in your calendar so you don't forget).

In the meantime, let's keep the conversation going: you can find us virtually on Twitter, Youtube, Discord and Telegram, IRL partying at Denites, or hacking at our next Talent Houses in Bogotá and Lisbon.

Now, back to BUIDL mode. ☀️