A recap of our latest Community Call

A recap of our latest Community Call

This article was co-created by $RUD, Talent Protocol Ambassador and $ISA, Community Lead at Talent Protocol.

August is mostly known as an idle month, as the summer soaks up everyone's energy in off-screen, sun-screened activities - and we heartily hope you've managed to use your outdoorsy time recharging your social batteries.

Although Discord might have looked like a tranquil land over the last weeks, you have to trust when we say we were in full shipping mode here at Talent Protocol - planning Season 3, tirelessly testing on multi-chain, recruiting our first Ambassadors. Last week, we came out of the (summer) shades straight to our monthly Community Call, to showcase what we've been building with/to our bright community.

Actually… don't believe us, just watch (or read below)!

🪟 We're on Open Beta (in case you haven't noticed)

That's right: anyone can create a profile, launch their Talent token and build a community of supporters. In case you haven't registered yet, now is time.

💍 Season 3 proposal

On our Community Call #8, we explained how seasons are planned out (you can check it out here). That said, Season 3 will be focused on creating a Talent Game - a fun game to play, with concrete short-term benefits, and not just long-term passive career investments.

The next season will run from October 2022 until March 2023 and these are the priorities we'll be tackling:

  1. Kick-off a real TAL economy by introducing new ways of earning and spending TAL tokens
  2. Build a killer .tal profile with great UX and on-chain credentials, which will lead to organic community growth
  3. Create revenue streams by partnering up with other projects and organizations, so Talent Protocol becomes financially sustainable on a long run.

Sounds like a plan? Well… not yet! We are asking our community (meaning, YOU) to give feedback, share thoughts and inputs on what Talent Protocol should be focusing on, working through, and scaling up during Season 3.

Head to the #feedback-suggestions channel on Discord and tell us what's on your mind. We'll be collecting feedback until Sept 23rd so then we can present the final plan at our next Community Call on Oct 4th.

🏗️ Speaking about product…

.eth your profile

You can now add your ENS domain on your Talent Profile by accessing the "Edit Profile" option on the upper-right side menu of your dashboard.

The pursuit of multi-chain

It's live! Now, new Talents have the option to launch their personal tokens on Celo or Polygon.

New Talent Profile

Careers are not linear and I guess we all agree on that. We're cooking up a new Talent Profile which is much more than a timeline, but a portfolio of your professional journey - and you can already have a glimpse of how it's going to look like.

🕵️ Talent Hunt(ers)

This is not a typical referral program: Talent Hunt is a weekly scout-to-earn quest in which you can earn rewards in TAL by inviting high-potential builders to join the community. Check how it works on this blog post.

🏠 Talent House

It's been almost a month since we closed the doors of our Talent House at ETHMéxico, and honestly, I'm not sure what we miss the most: the people, the vibes, or tacos 🌮🥲 good thing is that we can always relive the memories by watching these amazing recap videos!

However, it wasn't an adiós - it was just a hasta pronto. Soon, 14 builders from all over the world will be gathering for an inspiring, caffeinated lifetime experience at ETHBogotá and DevCon, and you're invited to join them for some IRL conversation over a delicious brunch. Or, come join us in Lisbon for a month filled with blockchain conferences, networking events, and of course, Talent House ETHLisbon. (psst… refer to this blog post if you meet someone from the core team, and you'll get a free pastel de nata).

👋 Ambassadors Program

Time for a big announcement! During the Community Call, we've introduced the first Talent Protocol Ambassadors joining the Cohort #1 - the list now is complete, so drop by on Twitter and say hello to our new 22 frens!

The Ambassadors Program was created by/for individuals that are enthusiastic about all-things Web3 and are willing to help the Talent Protocol community grow, and we're beyond excited to have you all onboard. Let's do this 💫

Thank you so much for tuning in at our Community Call - we're looking forward to see you all on Oct 4th. If you can't wait until then, let's keep this conversation going on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, or at your next web3 conference or meetup. See ya!