Community Call #18 - Lots of blissful surprises and improvements

Community Call #18 - Lots of blissful surprises and improvements

👋 Hey talented mate,

We're full of things to tell you from our amazing Talent Protocol Community call #18 (June 15th, 2023)

So, grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and prepare to be blown away by what we have in store for you!

Have you missed it? No worries, we got you covered! 💪Check the recorded live stream or keep reading for more:

1. Talent House → Take Off 👀

Talent House 1st Anniversary 🎉

Talent House celebrated it's 1st Anniversary in April during the last edition which was held last week in Lisbon. Talent House was launched in April 2022 in Barcelona, with the aim of giving an opportunity for high-potential curious minds to attend their first Web3 conference, helping them to build the network, partnerships and learning base they need to build. The journey and beautiful experiences of our scholars through Talent House 2022 have been crafted in a beautiful YouTube documentary.

Rebrand to TakeOff by Talent Protocol 🟠↗️

Welcome to TakeOff! Moving forward, we’d no longer be having any more editions of Talent House, simply because we are iterating to something more beautiful, a cool rebrand with new brand assets and socials. Last week held a Twitter space to this effect to discuss the future of Takeoff.

The selection process for TakeOff would be a little different from what we had at Talent House. We aim to make it more transparent and decentralised because it’s for you and about you (our community).

Take Off Paris (winners & snapshot vote) 🗳️

In the selection of scholars for TakeOff Paris, we had a total of 179 votes from our community, which was absolutely incredible. We had a total of 10 selected applicants that’d be joining us at TakeOff Paris. Congratulations to all scholars that were selected through the voting process. Here is the list of approved scholars for the event:

2. Product Updates 🎛️

We have quite a number of updates shipped as well as our plans to work on a swap in season 4.


Some of the new features on the homepage include an activity feed with a filter that allows you to run specific keyword searches. We also have a new notifications panel and the inclusion of identity verification as a requirement for token launch. Since shipping the new homepage in May, we’ve had almost 3,000 types of activities created, about 2000 new subscriptions, 450+ updates on journey entries, 150+ career updates, and over 100+ complete profiles.

Earn Page

On June 1st, we shipped some updates on the earn page, which include, creation of new quests in order to earn experience points (XP) and gamify the platform a bit more. As well, we had a revamp of the invites page, which helps you keep track of the total number of your referrals. Since shipping the new updates, we’ve had 400+ new quests completed, (a 300% increase from the previous reward system), 60+ unique wallet connections, and a total of 265,450 XP earned. In the future, we plan on having partner quests for communities as well as time-bound quests. Also, you’d be able to use XPs for acquiring merch and other special rewards.

Hiring Full-Stack Devs

We want to grow our community, so we recently opened up a role for full-stack developers looking to join us at Talent Protocol. If you have 1-2 years of experience and you’re passionate about web3, ensure to put in your application. We look forward to having you join us.

3. Community Updates

Retreat & Snapshot S4 Vote

Last month we had our team retreat. It’s usually a time to plan, take some time off-screen and outline our priorities and double down on goals. In this regard, we’d be needing your help in deciding which of the goals to make a priority through the Snapshot Season 4 vote. Voting spans a week and only holders of the Talent Mate NFT can participate in the process.

Build Day #7

The participants built really impressive projects. Sandra Carrillo built an AI assistant button, Meemmo built a streamline workflow and DanIsNearby built a smart form, to emerge as winners for the season. Also, we’re putting Build Day on hold during the summer so we can rethink and look for ways to improve it based on feedback we’ve got from the last one. Our goal is to engage builders from the community to build exciting products alongside the team.

First on-chain voting campaign

This month we held our first Snapshot vote. The community chose which network we should expand to next. 141 total votes from Talent Mates, the winner was Arbitrum!💙🧡

Events & Partnerships

■ “Sponsoring Cristina: From Bogotá to Belgrade” - Cristina, a Talent House Alumnus was invited to speak at ETHBelgrade and she reached out to us for support. We acted fast however due to low traction on sponsorship, she couldn’t reach the goal. To this extent, we’ve identified subsequent improvements to be made in the sponsorship model.

■ We sponsored Madrid Pizza Day via Talent Protocol sponsorships 🍕

■ Our recent partnership with NFC Summit grants talent mate holders an 80% discount on tickets as well as TakeOff scholars who got free tickets for the event. We also partnered with ETH Global and had Talent Brunch as a side event.

■ First-ever Talent Protocol - Decentralized Meetup in Nigeria 🌍 organized by our ambassador Hezekiah Suleman. And we’re planning a bigger event in Nigeria for July 15th.

4. Must Deliver 🌟

Until next community call:
- Virtual Wallet
- Collective Pages for organizations and communities
- Ship updates more often

Wrapping up for some final thoughts, our community agenda is full!

Check it out below!

We hope you have enjoyed this written recap as much as I did writting it! It makes me so excited to be around helping a community grow, maybe you should join as well!Be part of this, log yourself in and connect together on our Discord!

See you soon! 👋



Community Manager at Talent Protocol