Community Call #19 - Welcome Season 4 🎯

Community Call #19 - Welcome Season 4 🎯

👋 Hey there buddy!

This past Tuesday, July 11th, we had our very first Community Call (#19) from Season 4, revealing all the details for the upcoming months, and all the nostalgia gotten from the past ones. 💭

Oh you missed it? No worries 😎 It’s always a pleasure to put folks up to date. Let’s onboard on it 👇

📹 There you have the livestream if you prefer:

The agenda of the Community Call:

  1. Opening Remarks
  2. Product Updates
  3. Community Updates
  4. Product Focus (previously Must Deliver) & Community Agenda

1. Opening Remarks 🚪

Season 3 Recap 🔙

It’s the beginning of a new Season at Talent Protocol, and every new ‘Welcome’ has its ‘Goodbye’ 😢 Season 3 was full of new highs and lows, especially being the first Season in the bear market and the one that lasted longer (9 months) 🤯

Did you see what pcbo.tal mentioned? Time to take a look at the achievements we thrived in:

  • Talent Mates NFT Launch & ~1k minted until the end of S3 👤
  • Snapshot for community governance voting 🗳️
  • Identity Verification ✅
  • .tal domains Launch 🔗
  • Public API 💻
  • New Support Models 💪
  • Talent House 🏡 Rebrand to Take Off ✈️

and literally so much more! The list goes on forever and you can check it here 🗞️:

Season 3 Wrap Up
Season 3 was marked by significant product updates, community initiatives and opportunities.

You’ll never build Alone 🧑‍💻

The motto that we will follow until the end of this Season 4, “You’ll never build Alone”, empowers a connection between builders through shares of their goals, feeling seen and supported. 🎯

“Feeling seen is a little bit different from being visible” - filmacedo.tal, Community Call #19

Talent Protocol works the way that being visible should represent understanding, progress and development of one’s self towards success, and not simply having it without working on it. This is what keeps our values alive and what it all stands for since the beginning 💜 You will probably hear a lot about this these next months!

Season 4 Strategy 🌟

Words of are always home to comfort for expectations, though if we have to strategically position Talent Protocol these next months, it’s simpler to say that “we want to build a social and economic platform where any builder can commit to future goals, to they progress and the support they need to succeed”.

The North Star Metric ⭐ will definitely help sorting out members with active goals on the platform. With this, comes the Product KPIs: Monthly Active Members (MAM) numbers, New members numbers and Engagement numbers that obviously complement the overall Product Strategy. Let’s start achiving goals together 💯

S4 Key Deliverables 🔜

🤔 Remember our snapshot voting about key deliverables? Well the results are out and will soon be being put thought into:

  • Goal-centric UX 🎯 Redesign the app’s main use case to highlight goals and progress. Connect goals with sponsorships so members can get support.
  • AI Assistant 🤖 Use AI integrations to help members write better goals and better updates.
  • Career Updates 💫 Rebuild Career Updates to incentivize more quality, create a space for feedback, and improve the distribution of updates.
  • Sponsorships 💸 Earn cash-back in TAL every time you sponsor a talent.
  • Tokens of Appreciation 🙏 Help members grow their inner circle of supporters with special invitations that recognize and reward their true supporters.

2. Product Updates 🚀

Virtual Wallet 💼 & Collective Pages 👥

🙌 Some weeks after the first demo of the so-desired virtual wallet, we got it again from our own leal.tal (starting 24:36):

And did we get an overview of the fresh look of the collective pages 😎 (starting 26:47)

WalletConnect V2 Integration & GoodDollar 🪙

A little last minute surprise 🤯 of WalletConnect V1 shutting down, turned out to be a fun process onto migrating to the V2, and therefore it nows allow us to move with our recent partner GoodDollar provided their recent launch on Celo! GoodDollar performs as a Universal Basic Income (UBI) project that allows users to collect the G$ token for its concept, and Talent Protocol has made it possible to now use it to sponsor others. 😍

New Quests & WorldID Integration 🪪

The very brand new quests page was introduced some weeks ago, but we are continuously making it better than the last time you visit it by adding additional quests to it!

Along with the new quests, you may find a super special integration with WorldCoin through their WorldID service 👀 All you have to do is validate yourself as a human and receive your ⚡1000 XP. We’re also the first platform to integrate WorldID in Europe 👏

Go complete your quests 🏁:

Talent Protocol - Beta
Talent Protocol is a web3 professional network where the next generation of builders can share their goals and find the support they need to succeed.

3. Community Updates 🫂

Marketing Strategy 📊

Time to let filmacedo.tal shine about the Marketing Strategy covered for the future ✨

We’re voicing out builders from LATAM, though it doesn’t mean we’re not focusing on other nations! LATAM builders have an extremely good fit for what the expansion of this model is like, and obviously, it deserves our most in-depth support! 📣 We let you know why here:

Website Revamping 🌐

A warm welcome again to pedro.tal that showed everyone all the involved research and wireframing (starting 39:46).

🔥 Absolutely incredible final outcome:

Community Events 🗓️

Is it just us who can’t forget Builders Week 👷‍♂️ ?

We can’t let it in vain, so there you have a full-experience blog post of that week:

Builders Week Throwback 👷‍♂️
We’re stepping out of an intense week of web3 activity in Lisbon 😮‍💨. Past June 5th to June 9th we got together to live an ultimate async hackathon complemented with conferences, workshops, and mentoring sessions, called Builders Week! We could also count on NFC and EpicWeb3 as our partners as

Want a recap on Twitter? Sure thing! 🐦

  • Did you know we also got a full free co-work day for our community at AFI Network? 🤩 We could count on workshops by pcbo.tal as well 🚀
  • filmacedo.tal went full Spain mode in the panels of ReFI Gathering ♻️ and ETHBarcelona 🇪🇸 From Filipe’s words, here is how Talent Protocol was shown to the audience: “We want to kickstart this flywheel where you help other people and earn social, emotional & financial rewards”✨” - Filipe Macedo, ReFi Gathering

New Merch 👚

New Seasons always bring us new surprises 🎁. And by surprises, Merch is all that we mean 👀. The lucky students from Take Off Paris 🇫🇷, will have the full chance to try our new seasonal merch at the events there. They will soon be released to everyone else if everything seems according to spectations!

4. Product Focus & Community Agenda 🌟

Handful of wishes and delivers to be done await for us in Product Focus (previously Must Deliver) 💭 Let’s take it easy to sort what is on its way, and what’s just starting out now 😄.

In delivery 🔜

  • 💼Virtual Wallet
  • 👥Collective Pages
  • ❕New Quests

Ongoing ▶️

  • ⏲️Redo Navbar
  • 🎨Design System S4
  • 💜Activity Feed Improvements

Just Starting ✍️

  • ⚽️Goal Oriented Profile
  • 🌀‘Write New Goal’ Flow

We’re near the end of this bag of news, but we’re never over without lumi.tal on the mic! 🎙️

Lumi had a very particular excitement to present our Community Agenda starting with Talent Fair in Nigeria 🇳🇬 this July 15th, followed by Take Off Paris literally taking off next July 16th til the 24th ✈️ 🥐, counting with Protocol Labs Launchpad Social Hour in Paris July 18th 🗨️ and the ultimate Brunch Encode Club x H.E.R DAO France x Talent Protocol on July 21st!🍛

Thank you for reading it all !🙏 Hoping to see you here on the next post. Don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter, Twitter, Youtube Channel and join our Discord to be up to date with all the announcements 💚

See you soon 👋



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