Community Call #20 - A Fair of Announcements 🎪

Community Call #20 - A Fair of Announcements 🎪

👋 Hi friend, it’s the monthly Community Call recap coming through!

It seems like you got no time to tune in to our Community Call #20 last Tuesday, August 8th, right? As per usual, nothing to worry about 😌

Let’s sit tight 🪑 have a coffeeand enjoy a written recap 🗞️

📹 Just so you prefer to see Juampi rocking the live stream, there you have it 😎

The agenda of the Community Call:

  1. S4 Strategy Quick Recap
  2. Product Updates
  3. Community Updates
  4. Product Focus & Community Agenda

1. S4 Strategy Quick Recap ↩️

You’ll never build Alone 🧑‍💻

The community-chosen motto to represent this Season of Goal-Sharing couldn’t be more assertive. 💭 The answer we found for those who continuously build alone, is to make them feel seen and encouraged to share their aims with others for a better outcome socially and dynamically.

To pinpoint that same purpose, the Profile Pages of Talent Protocol’s users now showcase Goals primarily upon opening the profile, hiding past-experience as the first shocking displayed info. 🎯

📽️ Watch Francisco Leal’s demo on the profile! (starting at 13:02)

Mockup for Profile Pages, displaying goals as the main focus of the profile.

2. Product Updates 🚀

💼 Virtual Wallet & Concepts

The most anticipated delivery is finally here!

As the Virtual Wallet came along, it brought some new use cases and concepts for $TAL, so why not peek through it? 🙈

  • Available $TAL - $TAL that exists within your internal wallet, earned through referral races or/and community activities that are credited if you had unclaimed rewards. A ready-to-use balance of your $TAL. Adding to this, it is possible to track all the transactions history of your $TAL, this is so far only available through Polygon mainnet, however, there will be a bridge to convert from Celo to Polygon and vice-versa.
  • Staked $TAL - represents the amount of $TAL staked under Talent Tokens (other users’ tokens)
  • Supporting Rewards - Rewards from supporting others
  • Supporter Rewards - Rewards from others supporting you

📘 With all this learning, you can finally understand the demo of the virtual wallet (starting at 10:57).

Collective pages 🖼️

Once we’re up to the Product Updates, have you seen our collective pages? That's right, Talent Protocol has searched to invigorate its partners and affiliated communities within the platform through the Collective pages! ✨

🌐 Check out the communities:

Looking forward to adding your community? 👀 You may not be able to add collectives directly into the platform right now, but nothing that a mate can’t do 😎 Solve that by reaching out on Discord.

Looking for Contributors 👨‍💻

Talent Protocol is currently looking for more enthusiasts on building within the platform! 🚀 Either you’re a full-stack, front-end, back-end, or/and solidity knowledgeable, feel free to see information in detail and apply here:

Pausing features & Sunsetting 🌇

Filipe Macedo gave us a heads-up on some changes happening within some features that it is believed to boost and clean up undesired slow performance, mainly sunsetting the .tal domains 🔗.

Attaching to it, new Talent Token Launches and Staking Rewards will remain paused ⏸️ (more details on it soon).

3. Community Updates 🫂

It’s Paris time! Quick, bring your macaroons, croissants, and baguettes! 🥐🥖

Take Off Paris & ETHGlobal Paris 🇫🇷

It’s been around a month since the last Take Off edition in Paris! The vibes were high, from a full welcoming dinner to ETHCC, Pragma, ETHGlobal Paris hackathon, all web3 scholars could’ve asked for! 🥐

Filipe Macedo has also shared the enthusiasm of the TakeOffWeb3 scholars throughout the week, and the feeling of drifting away from thoughts, building different things at ETHGlobal 💫

Who would we be to waste words about this amazing experience when you can read full testimonials by the folks directly? 💫

🔙 Oui oui, we have a Take Off 🛫 Paris recap:

Group of Take Off Paris scholars and the Talent Protocol Team at ETHGlobal Paris.

Paris was so outstanding that didn’t feel like a week pass by! 🕝 Along Talent Protocol’s journey there, some updates were shared through the Celo Community on CoOPERATE Paris by Celo.

Meeting new projects and communities through Protocol Labs Social Hour was absolutely part of the plan as well! 🚀

And of course, Talent Protocol is not the same without a Talent Brunch 😋This time, the Parisien brunch has featured friends H.E.R DAO & Encode Club. We couldn’t also miss the opportunity to showcase this new Season New Merch👕🧢 (soon to be available on the shop)

See you, Luminita 👋

Never forever goodbyes at Talent Protocol, though it is still sad to see Luminita step down as a core contributor 😢 Luminita herself has shared some words on Community Call #20 to light us up 😊

“You can take Luminita from Talent Protocol, but you can’t take Talent Protocol from Luminita. (…) I don’t like the word ‘goodbye’ so much because, you know, I have merch, I will be on Talent Protocol, I will still be contributing, just in a different way.”

As a personal request during the Call, and if you still want to see what Lumi is up to, just subscribe to her!

🎙️ As a celebration of the past 9 editions of Take Off ✈️ that Luminita shared with all of us, there will be a Twitter (X) space sharing memories! Tune in this August 10th, 2023 (5 PM UTC)!

Take Off Istanbul 🇹🇷

To close this Take Off news circle, we couldn’t let it slide out the next Take Off Edition! IT’S OFFICIAL, Take Off is landing in Istanbul, Türkiye in November 2023 🇹🇷

This new edition will go transcontinental for DevCon and ETHGlobal later this year.

📄 We’ve already opened a WHITELIST for those who already seem up for this adventure:

Nonetheless, more info about it will be given soon, as well as the official application form! Stay tuned 😎

Loyalty Program 🪙

Talent Protocol has opened doors for rewards-supporting actions to its adopters through Galxe’s Loyalty Program 👏 If you are a subscriber to our socials, love to do some quests, reading the newsletter for example 👀 I bet you would want some rewards on it. How does that sound?

🌌 Let’s do it:

Reels Competition 📹

And scene! 🎬 The reels competition is over. At the time the Community Call took place, there was still one day left to submit short-form entries on Tiktok, Instagram Reels, Lens Protocol Reels, etc… and by tagging Talent Protocol in the description.

Prizes 🎖️

  • $300 for the video with the most likes.
  • $300 for the best quality content, judged by us. ($100 for each platform).

As the competition is over, we will now wait for the results!

Builda Ranking #1 🏆

And we’ve taken 1st place on Builda! 🏆 For those unaware of the platform, Builda is a web3 platform that shares and ranks different other web3 projects/platforms.

As a great surprise, Talent Protocol reached 1st place on its weekly ranking, alongside other amazing projects 💜

zkSwap Team

Talent Protocol for the Teams! 🤟 zkSwap is a DeFi & DEX platform using zk Knowledge. The team has decided to display their professional socials as Talent Protocol profiles! That’s amazing, team 👏

A zkSwap collective may be in the works as we speak ✨

Community Events 🎉

Our community is on fire 🔥 Talent is literally being found everywhere with all these events happening.

  • On July 15th, Talent Protocol welcomed Talent Fair ‘23 in Nigeria 🇳🇬 brought by our amazing ambassador Suleman Hezekiah! The outcome was astonishing, and we couldn’t be more proud and excited to see this happen again.

📱You can watch the video of the event and read all about it on Twitter (X) of Talent Fair ‘23!

Group of attendees of Talent Fair '23 in Nigeria, July 15th, Ile-Ife, Nigeria
  • Another huge contribution from an ambassador, Lilian, showcasing Talent Protocol on a Web3 event in Peru, organized by Women Biz and fellow other partners.

📱 Lilian shared all these precious moments with us!

  • Juampi jumped to the top with a session with Colledge, a platform with all sorts of learning topics inside web3, which now has more in-depth information about how Talent Protocol helps others integrate within the ecosystem.

👉 The full webinar session is available on YouTube (in Spanish):

  • Pedro (pcbo) was also present at a debate about ‘Salaries: Crypto vs Fiat’ at Landing.Jobs in Lisbon! That, for sure, sounds exciting, and apparently… streets are saying that crypto might have won 👀

4. Product Focus & Community Agenda 🌟

This recap is now just like your coffee: ending! But we never finish without properly letting you know the moves to be taken next, so catch up on this Product Focus 🧠

In delivery 🔜

  • 💼Virtual Wallet
  • 🎨Design System S4
  • 🎯 New Profile V1.0

Ongoing ▶️

  • 🎯 New Profile V1.1
  • ✍ Write Goal Flow V1.0

Just Starting ✍️

  • 🥷Kill S1-S3 Legacy
  • 🪦Sunset Talent Tokens V1
  • 🤝Simplify Connections

And as always promise, we can count on the next events to take place in the upcoming weeks! 👇

Image of events to take place. ReFI Day, Eth Argentina, Peru Event and Take Off Instanbul

That’s a wrapping of all wraps, mate! There’s more coming next month, so don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, Twitter, and Youtube Channel and join our Discord to be up to date with all the upcoming events, announcements, and other special info left to be determined 💚

See you soon! 👋



Talent Protocol Ambassador 💫