Community Call #21 - A glimpse of the future🔮

Community Call #21 - A glimpse of the future🔮

👋 Gm goal-makers! Who’s ready for a Community Call #21 recap?

Last Tuesday 12th September, Juampi, Leal, and Pedro Pereira (pp) shared exciting details on Product and Community 🌐 and we’ve got all of it written down here! 👇

📹 There you have it in video format if you prefer:

The agenda of the Community Call:

  1. Product Updates
  2. Community Updates
  3. Delivery Pipeline & Community Agenda

1. Product Updates 🚀

‘Talent Protocol Redux’ Plan 📃

Building a 2-year-old product always requires a look back on developed features and a natural filtering of those welcome (or not) within the community and the ones that benefit the experience and leading path that is being prepared to be taken. 🔎

‘This season, we want to ship as much as possible and stay focused on what truly matters to Talent Protocol’ - Francisco Leal, CTO at Talent Protocol

🪄 The ‘Talent Protocol Redux’ plan is a recent internal convention that focuses on killing legacy on behalf of finding a new path for the product itself, therefore it means this is needed for growth! If you want to know more about this, all the information leads here:

Goal-Oriented profile 🎯

Season 4 kicked in as ‘the season of goals’ at Talent Protocol. This was previously voted by our community, who shared a desire to be seen throughout the platform, at whom it has been responded to with Goal-Oriente profiles! 🤩 Profiles, now, showcase and highlight the goals of the user primarily.

But do we know how to create goals efficiently? 🤔

🖊️ Creating goals happens all through one single screen at the moment. Although this is understandable and pretty straightforward for some, why don’t we improve it in a much more step-oriented way? That is why Pedro Pereira and our Beta Testers’ Telegram group were the key to structuring this out 🔑

Let’s see 👀

The changes are noticeable: the second flow allows the users to think one step at a time, by choosing the title first; then the description even with AI; implementing completion milestones, and many more details separately. A huge thank you to our Beta Testers 👏

New Bounty System 💼

That’s right! The Bounty system is being renovated in a much simpler way ✅ But hold up, you’re not sure what this is… let’s break it down! 💰

What is the Bounty System? 

👉 The bounty system of Talent Protocol allows users to take part in issues that the core team sometimes asides due to hard work in maintenance, though you can help with that!

Am I compensated for it?

👉 Yes! Depending on bounty/bounties that is/are available at the moment and their info regarding what skills are needed and time-consumption, the compensation also varies.

And what changed overall?

👉 Applications are NO LONGER needed! To receive a bounty, all you have to do is open a pull request with a working demo on it, and a team member will revise and eventually approve your work. In order for this system to work well, it will work with a ‘first-come, first-served’ method for better understanding and performance as a community.

Sounds nice? Might as well start right away 💨:

2. Community updates 🫂

ReFi Day ♻️ & Ethereum Argentina 🇦🇷

Juampi told us all about ReFi Day, a Talent Protocol side event as part of the one and only… 🥁 Ethereum Argentina 🇦🇷

We’ve shared before that one of our main points this season is to keep making it coming through all of LATAM and its strong community, so ReFi Day was also chosen as the theme for our side event to spread our belief in ReFi. 💪

Bet you didn’t know… but some builders want to finish what they started at Ethereum Argentina 💙 As for advice, we can only say that you should turn your projects into goals at Talent Protocol. Who knows if don’t find your dream team there 🤷‍♀️

Recapping… side event; the famous ‘You’ll Never Build Alone’ black shirt; uploading projects as goals… we’ve conquered the audience! 👕

CeloEU 🇪🇺

The CeloEU website is finally up! CeloEU DAO is the European community of Celo projects and builders, which Talent Protocol also contributes to and is part of. This recent movement is bringing insights, teams, and all sorts of work from Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium Netherlands, and Estonia, together, under the same community. 👏

Friendtech 🐰 vs Talent Protocol 💜

🖥️ Most of the readers have possibly heard about ‘friendtech’, the recent web3 social platform built on base (a blockchain powered by coinbase) that leverages users' power through buying shares of those there, which at first does sound similar to what Talent. But is it really like so?

We’ve shared on Twitter a thread on who would win regarding some aspects ✊

EthSingapore 🇸🇬 winners

POW 💥 The news that struck our Community Call! The Talent Protocol team was hacking at EthSingapore and it was known the right on the day of the call, making it really special to announce.

🏆 Talent Protocol is bringing some new prizes home:

🥇 Airstack

🥇 Polygon

🥉 Mantle

🏅 Taiko

Congrats to everyone 🎉

New Ambassadors 💫

📣 We’re welcoming our new set of ambassadors, all from LATAM: Amanda Maritan, Gabriela Carrillo, Lilian Santos, and Mimi Blockchain.

It’s amazing to see new talents so focused and spreading the word out there. We’re thankful to all ambassadors out there, and now we welcome these four to it too.

Take Off ✈️

We finally released our Take Off Paris 🇫🇷 Recaps (blog and video). They’re exceptionally amazing, it’s always refreshing to be nostalgic even if it wasn’t that long ago, and our beloved students did amazing back at EthCC, Pragma, and ETHGlobal! They were also the first ones to get a glimpse of our upcoming season of merch 👀  Much love to Protocol Labs and CeloOrg for helping Take Off so much 💚

🛫 Take Off has now plans for Istanbul, Türkiye 🇹🇷

🚀 The next edition will primarily focus on going to DevConnect right in November. The applications will soon open and every member of Talent Protocol should be free to apply throughout that period (roughly a week).

👀 But what exactly will I get if I apply? (click me)

  • 🎟️ Entry to Dev Connect
  • 🏡 Financial support to attend the events
  • 🧠 Meet like-minded folks
  • 🛠️ Right-away deep experience to build in web3
  • 👤 Access to leading industry experts and mentor

Different from other editions, and because the community should have a say in this, after the submissions period closes, there will be a separate week for users to vote in whoever they think shall be attending this next edition, using their $TAL as the voting currency. Although $TAL is offline anywhere else, it has value inside the Talent Protocol platform as it is its native token, and you’ll be using it to vote for 15 candidates who’ll travel to Türkiye in November!

3. Delivery Pipeline & Community Agenda 🌟

It’s almost the end of this recap, but not yet without sharing the Delivery Pipeline (previously Must Deliver)

In delivery 🔜

  • 💼Virtual Wallet
  • 🥷Kill S1-S3 Legacy
  • 🎯Goal-oriented Profile
  • ✉️Setup Sendgrid

Ongoing ▶️

  • 🗳️Voting on Talent
  • 🌀Write new goal flow
  • 🎁Rewards Tab
  • 💫Takeoff website

Just Starting ✍️

  • 🥅Goal Dedicated page

Precious info never comes alone, that’s why we have our Community Agenda for you to check out 👇

That's all for now! Don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter, Twitter, Youtube Channel and join our Discord to be up to date with all the surprises we have, especially on the birthday month 💚

👋 Bye



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