Community Call #22 - Talent all over the world 🌍

Community Call #22 - Talent all over the world 🌍

Hello builders! 👋 How have you been?

Today’s reading is all about Community Call #22 Recap with a handful of updates 😎

Find your favorite spot 🍃 lay down 💺 grab a drink and read along ☕️

The Agenda of The Community Call

  1. Product Updates
  2. Community Updates
  3. Delivery Pipeline & Community Agenda

1. Product Updates 🚀

BuilderFi 🔷🔷

If you've been following our last updates, you probably heard about BuilderFi sometime around ETH Singapore 🇸🇬 but do you know what is it?

📎 Here’s a little context:

“BuilderFi came essentially from Eth Singapore, and the idea was to create this SocialFi app where experienced builders can monetize their experience and earn crypto by answering questions. This was the big thing that we wanted.” - Francisco Leal, Community Call #22

🧪 Considering the time and experience gained from building BuilderFi, it’s fair to test out to at what extent developing this experiment will lead. 🗞️ But if you want to know all this in-depth, this might be for you:

Talent Protocol Redux – Part 2: Introducing BuilderFi
During Season 4, we’re testing 2 approaches to bring more utility to the $TAL token: “Voting on Talent” and “BuilderFi”.

Take Off Website & Statistics 📊

✈️ Congratulations to… no, not yet! We have a brand new website to present 🖥️

That’s correct, ever since the rebranding from Talent House, Take Off got a brand new look and is ready to showcase it to the world! 🗺️

🔗All paths lead to Rome Take Off, literally:

But a website is not all that rules Take Off at the moment. Take Off Istanbul 🇹🇷 applications and voting periods just ended, we got all the details on it 🔥 Here are some statistics 📈

🗒️ Applications: 596
🗳️ Votes: 9701
🪙 Prize Pool: 1,321,304 $TAL

A huge success for a new selection system! You’ll know more about it as you keep reading 📖

ETHRome bounty winners 🇮🇹

After a couple of times participating in hackathons, who would’ve known that Talent Protocol would sponsor one? Supporting talent can have many strings and hackathons surely are the main home for most of them, that’s why we proposed a bounty on “Building a decentralized and fair system to attribute grants to talented individuals” at ETHRome.

We found 3 main protagonists in this 🎖️

🥇 Electora - Making governance and the scholarship process better by adding privacy to applications and voting.

🥈 Grant Hub - Democratizing the process of scholarship grants by allowing users to request grants from DAOS for their goals.

🥉 Great Grants - Decentralizing the voting system for a DAO that makes the award allocation process into something transparent, fair, and efficient

A big congratulations to these teams for pulling off these works 🎉

2. Community Updates 🫂

Event in Peru 🇵🇪, Talent Brunch in Singapore 🥞🇸🇬 and Partnering with ETHBolivia 🇧🇴

🌊 Community Updates always has that big room for a “Talent over the world” section. And we mean it, literally!

Another Peru event has taken place thanks to our ambassador Lillian Santos, and by this time, it already made a mini-tour across the country, taking place in various regions.😎

🇸🇬 But we shall not forget about the vibes from Talent Brunch in Singapore as well right after loaded days of sessions and discussions and a side event from Talent Protocol and other builders.

Ping-ponging between Continents made us come back to LATAM, this time in Bolivia 🇧🇴 for EthBolivia. Who doesn’t love some full-dynamics workshop on a platform? 💜 They sure did, and this collective page was born along the way:

Podcasting with Web3 Academy and Espacio Cripto 🎙️

Talent Protocol has arrived to tell it all out to podcast lovers 🎧

Pedro participated on Web3 Academy’s podcast episode “The Future of Work is Onchain”, one complete hour full of talks about challenges, successes, and other insights.

Not long after, it was time for Juampi to take over Espacio Cripto’s podcast episode number 134 with all the news about Token economy, SocialFi, and scholarships.

🔥 We definitely couldn’t ask for more!

Block & Change Workshop 🛠️

💪 The Spanish web3 hot topic, Block & Change, could count on a complete set on how to navigate, use, and get the most out of Talent Protocol’s platform right before their hackathon and conferences. It couldn’t be missing a collective page either, so there we got it:

ETHLisbon scholarship winners 🇵🇹

📣 Jumping right into the round of the most awaited announcements, the results for the 5 builders to be sponsored are out!

💡 After the announcement of the EthLisbon scholarship, Talent Protocol had its first time holding two distinct scholarship votings with the same voting method. Besides that fun fact, EthLisbon winners, off you go! Congratulations 👏

Take Off Istanbul winners ✈️🇹🇷

📢The moment everyone has waited for the past weeks is finally set and come true! It's time… for the Take Off Istanbul Winners! 🇹🇷

📑This new edition applications and voting systems came out different from previous ones. ⁉️ What changed? It all happened inside Talent Protocol.

  • Users could apply by creating a goal wishing to participate in Take Off.
  • Their goal simultaneously include their profile on the Take Off Istanbul collective page with a random selection order, so everyone can see all candidates unbiasedly.
  • To cast votes, users could just click “vote” next to a candidate profile on the collective page and choose the amount of votes to submit. Votes had a cost of $TAL.

And vòila! We reached a lineup 😎

👏 Congratulations to these top 10 mates to fly out to Istanbul for Devconnect, Talent Brunch, and ETHGlobal Hackathon 🌍

Celo Europe round for Take Off 🇪🇺

🤔It's not exactly the end of the line for this voting for Take Off Istanbul 👀

🎓 Unlike the usual 10 students, we counted with Celo Europe help to make this dream come true to 5 more people 🤩 Luckily, if you’re a European resident or a European passport holder, you’re free to apply to this second round

🗓 Applications and voting are now both live and running up till Oct 15th, 2023!

🗒 How to apply:

🗳 How to vote:

🌐 Take Off Website:

3. Delivery Pipeline & Community Agenda 🌟

🎯 Catching up with the Delivery Pipeline for future updates, here is all you need to know:

Delivered in Sep

  • 🗳️Voting on Talent
  • 📈Product Marketing Roadmap #1
  • 💫Takeoff website

To deliver in Oct ▶️

  • 🔨 BuilderFi: Alpha Product
  • 🎯 Goal Oriented Profile V1.2
  • 📉Product Marketing Roadmap #2

Also working on ✍️

  • 🌀 Write New Goal Flow
  • 🎨 Design System V.2

Don’t forget to get ready for these upcoming weeks! 👇

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