What went down in our April Community Call

What went down in our April Community Call

Last week, we hosted our fifth Talent Protocol Community Call — while this has become an end-of-month ritual for us, it's always great to share with our community our achievements and challenges over the past weeks.

In case you missed, here's a short recap:

🚀 Announcing the Private Raise

Winter is coming (eventually) and we're already ready for it: thanks to Protocol Labs, Jump Crypto, Celo Starter, ZMT, LD Capital and States Code, we've raised $2.65M and now we count with +40 months of runway to keep on building Talent Protocol.

💰 Earn page + Quests

In this new Earn page, we’ve integrated both talent and supporter scouting directly with the application. The Referral Race is going strong over the past weeks and we will continue to adjust it over time, to make sure it works in the best way.

💬 Message all your supporters

Communication is key to success and to create a good relationship and network. You can now send a message to your supporters and show what you’ve been up to!

(and yes, if we ever considering launching an "Appreciation Race", my bet is that $LEAL would be the winner)

🔮 Coming soon: Polygon

As part of our multi-chain strategy, we'll be launching Talent Protocol on Polygon. The implementation is going to happen in three phases, being the first one the ability to choose launching your Talent token on Celo or Polygon.

🏗️ Onboarding experience: continuous improvement

A lot of Talent are new to web3, and we want to make sure their onboarding experience goes smooth in the platform. Since Talent Protocol is on private beta, invites are crucial to our growth — therefore, very soon Talents can ask their peers to join the platform with a personalised message.

🚥 Accessibility upgrade

Talent Protocol is for everyone. We're currently reviewing all the color scheme used in light/dark mode, as well as adjusting the platform to become mobile-friendly and accessible to screen reader users.

📈 Growth challenges

Back to the Referral Race topic, over the last three weeks, we welcomed 10k new users to the platform, with 75% of them connecting their wallets. Also, our new waitlist system brought almost 30k potential users, so that's a big plus!

Talking about challenges, TVL growth needs to pick back up, therefore, going back to a growing pace is our foremost focus. $MACEDO dived into the case and shared a couple of steps moving forward during the call — you can watch an excerpt here (starting at 22:56’).

🤝 New partnerships

We're stoked to welcome Protocol Labs, Premios Verdes, Startup Lisboa, Build Up Labs and Aya as our new partners!

While they're onboarding their communities into Talent Protocol, you can also refer to projects you believe it's a good fit to our mission — find all the details here (and earn up to 1,000 TAL).

✍️ Content highlights

To read…

Setting Great Career Goals: a step-by-step guide

To listen…

Hidden Talent, a podcast by Talent Protocol ****(available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Castbox, RadioPublic, Stitcher, Anchor + more)

To watch…

Social Tokens for Social Good @ Celo Connect

& Bem-vindos à Web 3.0 - com Talent Protocol e Subx Finance Lab (content in Portuguese)

🤔 Real talk

Towards the end of our Community Call, we welcomed $PCBO back on stage to share a couple of thoughts (and questions) to the community:

So... no pressure, when you're ready, we'd love to read your ideas at our Discord server 😉

Besides that, some flash news:

🌟 Community NFT airdrop: 20k+ have been already distributed — Levels 3, 4 and 5 NFTs are coming really soon!

🏡 Talent House: Talent Protocol has received a grant from Celo Foundation to continue organizing Talent Houses at various web3 conferences all over the globe. The first edition at Celo Connect in Barcelona was a massive success, so now we're heading to EthCC in Paris (and you can be one of the selected Talents to join).

🪙 Very soon, $TAL price will increase from $0.02 to $0.03. Supporters, maybe it’s time to go invest on some new Talents?

💫 New Talents in da house: say hello to our newest core team members, $SARIM, $DINIS and myself, $ISA.

🎉 On May 1st, Talent Protocol celebrates its first year — and we’ll celebrate soon at DeNites (date TBD). Also, a world-first surprise will be announced until end of May. Stay tuned!

Exciting things are coming, and we’ll keep on building Talent Protocol for the Community, and more importantly, with the Community.

I hope to “see” you at our next Community Call, but in the meantime, let’s keep the conversation going on Twitter, Telegram or Discord. Cheers!

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