Looking ahead on our May Community Call

Looking ahead on our May Community Call

Looking ahead - these two words can describe pretty much what the latest Community Call was all about.

Early this month, we've gathered the team for one hour (probably the longest livestream we hosted) to talk about product updates and some cool announcements to our community - in case you've missed, do not despair: you can speed-watch it on Youtube or slow-read it right here in this little recap:

🏗️From "wen token" to "let's BUIDL"

Last May, Talent Protocol's core team and advisors went on a retreat in which we consolidated our strategy shift in being extra focused on developing the product and community during Season 2 (which is running until end of August 2022), since the token launch has been delayed due to the market conditions.

💰Community Treasury

When it comes to money, Pedro (aka $PCBO) is our go-to person to remind us about having a frugal mindset, especially over the next few months. Also, a quick update that we were able to keep $700K safe before the most recent crypto crash.

🎂1 year of Talent Protocol

Time goes by so fast when you're busy building, so here's a shout-out to everyone who believes success is collective - yeah, you there, THANK YOU!

👋New Talents in da haus

Say hello to $TARU and $ELI, who joined the team as contributors and will be helping to scale our products - welcome, folks!

👷The Web3 Professional Network for Builders

Francisco $LEAL took over the virtual stage and shared a glimpse to the (product) future, along with a lot of things we aim to explore together with the community.

During Season 2, we're focusing our efforts in transforming the Talent experience on the platform - but this can't be done without the help from the people using the platform. Understanding our members, their pains, needs and even career aspirations is part or the onboarding interviews the team will starting conducting this month (if you want to take part of this, DM isabella_#6592 on Discord).

How can we increase visibility of the Talents we have at Talent Protocol? We're always on the lookout on how we can make this better: we have a great community, a great set of talent and we want for them to have the best ways of being highlighted.

💬 To chat or not to chat

Discord server aside (which, by the way, you're more than welcome to join), recently we've asked ourselves: are we a chatting platform?

The answer is probably no, however, we know that having the chat function in our app allows Talents to interact with supporters and vice-versa. Over the next weeks, we'll be looking for different ways of powering up the chat feature to include details that might help in the interaction, such as number of tokens purchased, since when they were connected in the platform, etc.

☑️ Community Badges and Verified Profiles

Last season, we launched User and member NFTs as a small reward for people that interacted with the protocol. We will continue to work on additional features so Talents can publicite on their profiles how active they are in the platform, as well as verifying their identity - something similar as the blue tick mark Twitter has, but for now, in a 1-to-1 process.

And we want to hear from you!

In the next weeks, to get to know even more our Community and ensure we're building the right tools, the Core Team is committed to onboard 100 (new and experienced). These people onboarded through the team (via a 30-min video interview) will be eligible to receive a verified checkmark on their Talent Protocol Profiles - therefore, if you want to be part of this, jump on our #general channel on Discord server and let us know!

🆙Level Up, our new mentorship program

Talent Protocol is all about collective journeys, so launching a mentorship program was an intrinsic step to take. Level Up is intended to support Talents in their career by pairing with experienced fellows at related professional fields, to give you guidance and access to insights that might be relevant in order to take Talent's journey to the next level.

We are running a three-months pilot with a selected group of mentors and mentees starting on June 30. Except for the 1:1 mentoring calls, workshops and talks are accessible to all community members interested to join, so don't forget to RSVP to our Career Goals workshop and stay tuned for many more sessions!

⏰Priorities, priorities

It's time to Filipe $MACEDO hop in the call to talk about Growth and Community updates for this season - and they're all very tied with our product goals, as it should be.

He iterated the urge of understanding what our members want to see/gain/achieve upon joining Talent Protocol and added the concept of "super fans", which will be crucial to increase engagement rates with our product. In addition to the Onboarding calls and Level up Program, we want to expand our reach by identifying collaboration opportunities within the community, as well as introduce a buddy program at Talent Protocol.

🔓No more wait(list)

As of now, everyone should be able to sign-up and create an account at Talent Protocol. Launching your Talent token will still require an application in order to unlock this and other capabilities, but this is already a step forward to end the distinction between talent and supporters accounts in the platform.


Here's a quick moment to brag about how stylish the Season 2 t-shirts and caps are! The question is: shall we launch a merch store? We've asked on Twitter and here are the results.

🏁Referral race

From April 4th to May 15th, we ran weekly races to reward users for helping Talent Protocol grow - and let me share you some numbers: in total, there were 6 races, 63k users participated, and 12.000 $TAL was distributed to 18 winners.

We decided to end the Referral Race earlier than we had announced in the beginning for a good reason: we hit the growth goals planned much faster than we had imagined. For future races, we did learn a lesson: make sure the competition criteria covers all scenarios, so we don't have to update while the campaign is ongoing.

🏡Talent House

It's here, there and everywhere! We have already announced the 13 Builders that will join us at EthCC in Paris, but in case you missed the train, you can still apply for the upcoming Talent Houses at DevCon Bogotá and ETHLisbon.

✍️Content highlights

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🤲 A moment of appreciation

After the usual Q&A and POAP distribution (which looks super cool, but Simon and I are biased to say this), I took over the space for a new segment of our monthly Community Call: the Member Spotlight.

This time, we wanted to say a big thanks (and send a branded t-shirt) to Giulia Camargo for her constant support and referrals; Luis Carranza, for his innovative snapshot + token voting; Pallavi Gupta for being our first tester for 1-on-1 onboarding calls; and Noah Edelman for his content piece on Talent Protocol.

Aaaaannd, we already have a new date for our next Community Call! Join us next July 5th, at 5pm (gmt+1) - RSVP here. Until then, keep up with Talent Protocol on Twitter, Telegram or Discord. See you soon!