Presenting: Talent Protocol Community V2

Presenting: Talent Protocol Community V2

Hi there! 👋

If you have been keeping up with our journey, you've probably heard us talking about the Talent Protocol Community.

As a project built in public and committed to expand opportunities to talent everywhere in the world, community is something of unimaginable value to us. And when we mention community, we mean the group of people who:

  1. Believe in our Vision, Mission and Values.
  2. Take action in support of that mission.
  3. Interact with each other within our ecosystem.

As we mature, we have took sometime to take a deeper look into our community - already consisting of +150k users - and we are glad to present you the new Talent Protocol community structure, created to assure a seamless and rewarding experience to everyone.

New Community Structure

There are 4 big levels of commitment within our community. When members contribute to the project, they level-up to unlock perks, gain access to new channels and special privileges.

Inside each level there can be different roles that more accurately represent each community member. These roles act mainly as an internal status badge. A person can have more than on role. All Discord roles are claimed via

Talent Protocol's Community Level of Commitment

L1 - Participants

Participants are anyone interacting within the Talent Protocol ecosystem, whether as followers (e.g. following our social media accounts), verified users (with verified identity on the Talent Protocol app), or Talent House alumni.

L2 - Supporters

Anyone who believes in our mission or has taken action to support Talent Protocol, but hasn’t contributed directly to improve the product or interacted with other contributors. These can be Talent (launched a Talent Token), Talent Supporters (financially supported individual talents in our platform), Investors (organisations or individuals who hold more than $5k USD in $TAL tokens), Partners (all sponsors and partners) or Ambassadors.

L3 - Contributors

Anyone who’s actively involved in the improvement of the Talent Protocol product and community is called a contributor (aka Extended Team).

L4 - Team

The mission of the core contributors is to act as a steward for the wider community and help Talent Protocol live up to its mission and values. These are the people driving the development of the project and ecosystem.

How do we reward our community?

There are several opportunities and benefits for all of those who are part of our community. These stem from access to special communication channels, ability to mint one of our Talent Mates NFTs, discount on Talent Protocol merch, priority access to Talent House or opportunities to earn $TAL tokens.

Learn more about our Community Rewards here.

How to get involved?

Getting involved can be as intense as you decide it to be. Here are a few simple steps to start paving your way as a valuable member of this amazing and talented community 💫:

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter and enter the conversation on Twitter or Discord
  2. Join our Ambassadors Program.
  3. Apply to one of our Bounties.
  4. Follow the instructions on Mentoring to find a mentor or mentee.
All the details our Community are here.