Discover Weekly — 14. Feb

Discover Weekly — 14. Feb

gm everyone 👋,

Welcome to our weekly blog post called Discover Weekly!

Every week, we’ll present to you the freshest talent to join Talent Protocol. Six newcomers joined Talent Protocol in the last week. 10 new talent profiles this week, so let’s go! 🚀

Edgar Simões (EDSIM)

Edgar is a developer and internal consultant transforming every team one by one to achieve more through automation. He enjoys diving deep into business processes to find solutions that help people deliver better and faster results.

Edgar is looking for funds to accelerate the digital transformation in Portugal through various automation projects with Automate IT, his company.

His perks include becoming either a patron of Automate IT or even a co-founder.

His profile:

Filipe Teixeira (FLT)

Filipe is a Computer Science and Engineering graduate working at Microsoft. He was recognized with the Academic Merit Award for scholar performance and the Rising Star Award at his company! His challenge is to identify a long-term career goal, although his short-term goal for this year is clear: being promoted to a senior role.

Filipe’s perks include one-on-one career and technology discussions.

His profile:

Rodrigo Veríssimo (VERO)

Rodrigo is a Senior Data Scientist and Postgraduate Lecturer with a passion for photography. He has built and deployed two business-critical Machine Learning services with the help of data engineers and is currently building another live service, his goal for this year.

His perks include a monthly virtual coffee chat, decorating your office, or a one-hour consulting session about finding a job in data, including a review of mindset, technical, and soft skills.

His profile:

Gonçalo Nogueira (NOG)

Goncalo is a Power Platform Developer at APR Management Solutions and studying Computer Engineering at ISTEC. His goal is to finish his degree and grow as a developer and be recognized.

His perks include a 30-minute tech talk or support on your power apps and flows.

His profile:

Flavia Paluello (FLAVIAPM)

Flavia is an Agile Marketing Instructor with over 15 years of experience in marketing and communication in agencies in Portugal and Brazil. She is looking for more comprehensive experience in marketing to leverage her strength: learning the fundamentals of new industries quickly. Flavia is motivated by meeting goals within the deadline and translating data into tangible results.

Her perks include social media content and strategy consulting and marketing and communication consulting.

Her profile:

José Miguel Malaca (MALACA)

José is a Web Ruby on Rails engineer (and dad) with a passion for learning and growing. His ambition is to become a team leader and he focuses on teaching, inspiring, and bringing up the best in his colleagues.

His perks include a 30-min virtual coffee.

His profile:

Gonçalo (GONCALO)

Goncalo is the CTO of Doist and building Todoist and Twist remotely and asynchronously. He wants to make Doist a role model of the workplace of the future and build empowering tools for others.

His perks include a blog post review and a 60-min discussion on the topics he is knowledgeable about.

His profile:

Miguel Fernandes (ESIDEN)

Miguel is the CEO of Dengun and founder of Algarve TechHub and passionate about the digital world and building it systemically. His Dengun Studio validates and builds successful digital tech ventures with a focus on hospitality, health, and web3 startups.

Miguel is looking for help with defining and raising funding mechanisms and partners for early-stage ventures. This year he plans to raise 3 million for his first cohort of six startups and make a 10X exit on at least one of them.

His perks include a one-hour workshop or brainstorm session or lunch at the Algarve to brainstorm about the local ecosystem.

His profile:

Vasco Lopes (VASCO)

Vasco is the CEO of DeepNeuronic and a researcher at Nova Lincs, who is automating the process of designing neural networks towards deep learning. He is building DeepNeuronic to prevent public crimes by automating CCTV detection processes with deep learning.

His perks include feedback on any project or a two-hour coffee chat.

His profile:

Olga Yurina (YURINA)

Olga is a photographer specializing in sensual love stories that shoots weddings, female portraits, and family photo stories. She believes that showing sincere emotions in her photos is the most important thing and strives to bring out the uniqueness of each couple in their photos.

Olga’s goals for this year include arranging presets for processing photos as NFTs.

Her perks include a set of presets, feedback on your Instagram profile, or a free photo session (in Moscow).

Her profile:

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