Discover Weekly —  31.Jan

Discover Weekly —  31.Jan

gm everyone 👋,

Welcome to our new weekly blog post called Discover Weekly!

Every week, we’ll present to you the freshest talent to join Talent Protocol. Proudly present the 13 newcomers that joined Talent Protocol over the last two weeks. Let’s go.

Inês Bragança Gaspar (IBG)

Inês is a technology trainee lawyer and passionate full-stack developer that bridges the gap between law and technology.

Her goal is to become a blockchain expert that advises companies and individuals about how to best use the tech and for that, she is looking for help with becoming a blockchain-certified developer.

This year, Inês plans to pass the Bar Exam and do a Solidity course. Make it happen!


Andre Pimenta (APIMENTA)

Andre is one of the lead engineers at Metamask. He works on building an open, decentralized version of web3 that empowers people and communities to build a more efficient financial system.

His perks include a 30-minute virtual coffee session and career advice about blockchain and how to get started in the industry.


Rafael Belchior (RAFA)

Rafael is a PhD student that works on enabling blockchain interoperability across different public and private blockchains. He is currently working on a book about blockchain interoperability and wants to create a university-level course about distributed ledger technology.

One of his perks is a 30-minute session about any blockchain-related topic.


Alexandre Marcondes (ALEX)

Alexandre is a polymath with programming experience in more than a dozen languages!

He plans to launch a training series with lessons for kids and teenagers to teach them the programmer mindset, logic, and algorithms. He is looking for help to launch puzzles and a YouTube channel introducing students to his methods.


Mario Mouraz (MOURAZ)

Mario is a three-time founder who loves to create long-lasting sustainable projects that help solve the world’s most pressing issues by empowering the unfavoured youth.

He is starting to study different ideas to help reduce CO2 emissions and pollution and plans to launch his first prototype to do so this year!


Rúben Dinis (DINIS)

Rúben is a software engineer with a desire to learn about blockchain tech, web3, and decentralized applications. He wants to understand how to build smart contracts and learn Solidity.

His perks include a 30-minute AMA and access to his personal Discord.


Rezaan Daniels (RDFINVEX)

Rezaan is a Lisbon-based founder and fintech expert from South Africa, with experience fundraising and scaling businesses on four different continents!

His company is dedicated to solving supply chain financing gaps, and Rezaan is looking for technological help to make supply chains more transparent and add financing solutions. His roadmap for 2022 includes exploring a security tokenization offering (STO) and identifying supply chains in Portugal.

His perks include education about different business models and sharing his experience in raising a pre-series round.


Dara Songye (ARTISAN)

Dara is a principal coach and founder that has spent the last 20+ years studying and practicing mindfulness and transformative living. She has also worked in various tech start-ups and helped build teams since 2015.

Dara can coach male tech founders and innovation leaders through critically sensitive moments and unlock their inner life success. Her coaching methodology amplifies external success while building spiritual well-being.

Dara’s perks include a five-minute gratitude message with one atomic coaching insight and 30 minutes of lightning coaching once a quarter to support you through an inner life transformation challenge.


Bruno Correia (BRUNO)

Bruno is a software engineer with a crush on mobile and web3.

He wants to help build Android and iOS DApps by creating open-source software that reduces persisting barriers to entry.

Bruno’s perks include a 30-minute debug session, a one-hour AMA, or a pair programming session.


Mário Gago (MGAGO)

Mário is a project manager, full-stack developer, and problem solver. He helps teams build and deliver on-budget and on-time software that is future-proof and promotes agile principles and transparent communication by leveraging state-of-the-art technology.

Mário promises merch in his perks, so you may want to take him up on that offer!


Nuno Heli Beires (HELI)

Nuno is a data engineer with a passion for learning and building whose mission is to contribute to the landscape change in the water sector. He is working on developing a full-fledged water management platform.


Gianluigi Palka (GIGI)

Gianluigi is a business development expert with a growth mindset, who wants to support others in developing their business development and sales skills by sharing his experience and tips&tricks.

His perks include a 30-minute virtual coffee chat, a one-hour sales interview preparation or a detailed resume and CV review that includes tips and tricks on crafting a bulletproof resume that gets approved by the Big Four firms.


Jaime Garcia (NOMAD)

Jaime is a digital nomad building a TalentTech platform for remote jobs. Thanks to his proprietary methodology, he has already helped more than 100 people prepare and apply for remote jobs. Now, he is looking to scale from 100 to 1,000 users and build a TalentTech MVP.

His perks include a 30-minute remote career coaching session and a resume and CV review session.


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