"I’m a strange guy, it’s my strength"

"I’m a strange guy, it’s my strength"

Unlike most web3 entrepreneurs, Dmitriy got his start playing poker. “I joined the professional Russian team at 18. It was like a sport, I got to see the world.” Dmitriy spent 5 years learning skills that would follow him throughout his career, like keeping a steady hand in times of stress. “You have to control your emotions, I have a good poker face.” Dmitriy laughed, detailing how he is great and handling stress these days.

Dmitriy had another card up his sleeve, in the form of Tai Chi, a practice that intersects martial arts with meditation and lends itself to his business. However, Dmitriy’s poker career turned out to be a house of cards: “I realized I just played for money, it doesn’t help anyone or make me happy. Tai Chi was part of this discovery.” So, in 2016, the former poker pro turned to digital marketing at Rocket10, where he led the ad investments over Google, Facebook, and MyTarget, on behalf of titans like Alibaba and McDonald’s. “I managed 100k dollars a month in ads, for my clients.”

Today, Dmitriy works in the crypto-sphere, but he got his start much earlier than most. He started buying bitcoin in 2013 – but Dmitriy was dealt a bad hand. “I bought some when it was at 600 dollars, but I did not follow the golden HODL rule and lost most of it. It was frustrating!” The whole ordeal soured his view of crypto, until the ICO and ETH boom brought him back. From there, he founded a B2B video service dApp and became Chief Product Officer at WSO. “We went into mobile apps and built a calorie tracker with more than 1 million users. I lead a 12-man team of designers, developers, and product managers.” Dmitriy was now firmly in web3, and had reinvented himself as a team leader.

During the early days of the pandemic, Dmitriy founded CyberTime Finance with the goal of bridging the Defi and NFT spaces. Despite the difficulty of raising money in Russia at the time, CyberTime launched their NFT collection on Opensea, and their tokens on Binance. “In a month we had over 45 million dollar market cap. I had never seen anything like it.” Unfortunately, the community grew far too quickly, and their demands overtook the development team’s output. “The token dropped a lot. It was disappointing but just another learning experience.” Now, Dmitriy has overhauled the development team, and they don’t intend to follow suit with their last project. Dmitry couldn’t show his hand yet, but explained they were building a mystery box collection for the Dubai Expo, and that they were looking to implement solutions so users could borrow NFTs on the marketplace.

We asked Dmitriy why people should buy his token. “I am excited about Talent Protocol, it’s a cool way of monetising yourself using web3. You should buy my token. My wife thinks I am crazy with all the mistakes I have made, a normal person would have stopped by now. But I’m a strange guy, it’s my strength.” He left us with one piece of advice: “Do Tai Chi. It helps family, business, and self.”


🤝Supporters: 114

🪙Tokens in Circulation: 102,171.00 BOSH

💰Market Value: $10,217.10

dimabosh | Talent Protocol
Co-founder CyberBox (cyberbox.art). Blockchain & Mobile product owner / Digital Growth Hacker. Worked at MGCOM (Dentsu), Rocket10
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