Edgar Simões - “The process is my main interest”

Edgar Simões - “The process is my main interest”

Edgar’s story is about how circumstances can transform into passions. Throughout his academic path his intention was to keep open as many doors as possible. His strategy paid off as he open mindedly accepted a job offer that would highly impact his career.

Always a learner, Edgar has launched $EDSIM as a way to keep up with web3 and keep his connections in the loop of what is to come for him.

It comes as a surprise to learn about Edgar’s path thus far. Born in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, 24 years ago, one could think that leaving this rather small city would be the first step of his ambitious career. However, Edgar stayed.

Nevertheless, Edgar set his bar way up and was also determined to not settle for a familiar track. By the time he was about to finish his degree in Business Management at the local university, Edgar started looking for opportunities and eventually he managed to grab a spot at a Talent Program at Sonae, one of the biggest companies in the country.

He was immediately humbled by the reputation of the company but also by the diverse profiles he found there. “They are always looking for people who can bring non-technical knowledge to the team”, he explains. Edgar quickly understood that this was, more than anything, a learning opportunity and so he grabbed it, growing from a newbie to an expert in IT project management and governance.

“I had to understand how the company worked, how it was built and what tools there were for me to use. After all of that, I had to understand how I could implement Robotic Process Automation to it. It was an immense learning process”, he confesses.

The freedom and agility of what he does have grown into a passion for Edgar but he has more and bigger plans for his career. “Inside the Sonae universe there’s plenty of things happening. I’m bullish about the digital and innovation fields and I know I’ll soon have the opportunity to be part of it”.

While building his career, Edgar is a man of many interests and has kept on learning new things - Economics, Innovation Management, Web3 and Digital Transformation, to name a few.

His more recent passion is also to learn how to make pizza. “I’ve become addicted to the idea of making the best pizza I can”. However curious this may seem, Edgar is able to connect the dots in everything he does: “Making something from scratch is amazing. The process of everything I make is what interests me”, he explains.


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