Fall Community Update 🍂

gm friends 👋,

Fall Community Update 🍂

gm friends 👋,

It’s time for a summary of news and exciting announcements from our side 😊

Talent Protocol raised $1.75M to empower undervalued talent worldwide!

The Talent Protocol team in Lisbon last October.

We are proud to announce that Talent Protocol has raised a total of $1.75 million from 70 investors to build a web3 platform where talent can easily launch a social token, and where supporters can back the people they believe in. This milestone not only secured a 2-year runway to grow the platform, but it is also an important first step to make Talent Protocol community-owned.

The raise was divided into two funding rounds, Summer 🌞and Fall 🍂, and it saw participation from 58 individuals and 10 funds. A few names will be well-known to many of you:



  • Protocol Labs
  • Flori Ventures
  • Global Coin Research
  • MGNR
  • GSR
  • Gate.io
  • Panony
  • Good News Ventures
  • Subvisual

You can find the entire list on our Notion Extended Team page.

There is still space for a few more strategic investors in a third and final private round that will take place during this winter (more info here). We are excited to continue growing our community in the months and years ahead!

60+ Talent Tokens launched so far 📈

Talent Protocol’s private beta went live on November 9th on the Celo blockchain. In less than a month, we have helped launch 60+ Talent Tokens, and we are gradually onboarding the 5,000+ people on the waitlist to start buying those tokens, accessing exclusive perks and earning weekly rewards.

You can back Abel Rodrigues ($ATR), a young entrepreneur and climate activist from the Amazon Rainforest; João Montenegro ($TARSHIP), who plans to become the first Portuguese astronaut; or maybe you want to help Andrea Solomonides ($ANDY) to become the first female President of the Republic of Cyprus

Join the Talent Protocol Core Team in 2022 🤝

We’re looking to grow our team with two Senior Developers and a Head of Design that can help build an inclusive and seamless web3 user experience. They will be joining our core team and have ownership over the product and vision. You can find more information in our post about job openings at Talent Protocol.

Participate in Quests and earn rewards 💎

Quests are a gamified way to help Talent Protocol grow while earning rewards in $TAL. If you have a Talent Protocol account, you participate by referring new users, nominating talent, or tweeting about Talent Protocol.

Participate in your first quest and earn up to $825 in prizes.

Let’s do this 🤝