Giulia Camargo: "I want to meet as many new people as possible"

Giulia Camargo: "I want to meet as many new people as possible"

You don’t have to be a certain age to inspire someone. Giulia Camargo is proof of that and so much more. At 24, she’s focused on chasing her passions and is also one of the women with more supporters in Talent Protocol. We don’t want to give you FOMO, but you’ll definitely hear from her in the future so our suggestion is for you to keep reading, buy $GIU and thank us later.

A curious spirit with a driven mind, that’s probably the best description of the 24-year-old Giulia Camargo. Born in Brazil, she has been moving around the world from an early age and taking with her all the learnings she can along the way.

Growing up Giulia went to 14 different schools, a fact she tells you about without a trace of dislike. She ended up finishing high-school in Portugal and, as expected by her family, she applied to university in the UK where she eventually got in. However, Giu had other plans: she secretly applied for delayed entrance thus extending her time before starting her degree, aiming to do a full gap year. And so she did.

She worked for 6 months in a Portuguese startup and then off she went to South America where she explored, teached English and also learned Spanish. By the time she reached the end of this one-year period, Giulia finally felt ready to enroll in University but decided to go to Madrid, in Spain, instead. “I just felt that it would be better as a young person to go to a friendlier place”, she shares with a smile.

Despite wanting to study English Literature, she decided on Communication and Digital Media at IE University, something she considered to be a good compromise between her passions and her chances to have more professional opportunities. Being so hands-on, she embraced several side projects coming from the university and eventually she landed them as her first Social Media Marketing client, while still concluding her studies. Even though it was a positive experience for her, she felt the need to “leave her comfort zone” and so she went, once again, after new adventures.

By 2022, she joined Decipad, a company trying to improve people’s relationship with numbers, something she’s always dreamt of doing herself. As Community & Marketing Manager there she has valued the opportunity to work in a project with ambitious goals and an inspiring mission of making data analysis accessible to everyone.

Moving across so many places may have made a mark on Giulia because she intends to never sit still. “I don’t like to focus on just one thing”, she claims while explaining that parallel to her work at Decipad, she is also a freelance consultant for schools, aiming to pave the way for the education of the future, her true passion. “Education is something where you can be endlessly creative. My future will most certainly focus on the world of education”, she says when talking about her plans for the years ahead.

As for her short-term goals, and even though she already has a strong network of people who she trusts, Giulia has decided that this year she’ll meet “as many new people as possible”, hoping to learn from everyone who comes across her path. “There is a limit to what you can experience first hand, but by listening to other people’s stories, the limit ceases to exist.”

She also didn’t tell us but we know: she also plays the guitar and sings amazingly well. 🌟


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