Gui Corte-Real - “My name actually stands for what I do”

Gui Corte-Real - “My name actually stands for what I do”

$GUI is building tools and systems to improve Design practices in organizations. His long-term goal is to build a decentralized design system for dApps and he’s hoping to travel, get to know more people and improve his personal brand along the way.

Gui believes he can “spot talent” and that is why he became one of the early believers in Talent Protocol and launched his own token $GUI through it. Even though he was still learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain by the time he got to know the platform, he now believes that he can use Web3 to improve his capabilities and launch a decentralized design system for dApps.

The Portuguese Senior Product Designer has dedicated his career to “finding ways to connect thoughts” between the teams of designers in the projects he worked on so far. That was mostly translated into the development of Design Systems in companies such as NOS and Zomato. His career choices also took him to work for companies in India, Dubai, Turkey, England and in the US and, in 2020, Covid-19 finally took him back to his hometown - Lisbon, Portugal where he now is leading Design System at OLX.

Gui can come across as someone who challenges stereotypes. His shy personality highly contrasts with his ease and will to make friends and even though he’s been dedicated to technology and innovation, he cares deeply not only about the product but how his team works and how the users will benefit from it. Actually, from his time in India, where he spent the last 5 years before the pandemic, Gui, even though an introvert, states missing the life-long friends he made there and the ease to start conversations with anybody.

Travels and learning new things are also food for Gui’s soul: he’s been enrolling in courses and workshops since he graduated from school and claims that everytime he travels he becomes even more excited about life and increasingly more aware of the doors that technology and different cultures can open for him.

What Gui does and who he is blend almost perfectly - “My name actually stands for what I do: Graphical User Interfaces”, he claims while explaining that the next steps for him will be to bring to the Web3 space what he does best. He’ll add his expertise and experience in developing Design Systems to the blockchain ecosystem, hoping to improve the overall User Experience (UX) in decentralized applications (dApps).

Through the power of the Talent Protocol community he is planning on doing all of that while also becoming speaker at major design conferences, something he trusts to be of value not only for those who will hear him but also for his own personal brand.


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I like to build Graphic User Interfaces by understanding people & data