Helena Muniz - "I’ve developed my own well-being systems"

Helena Muniz - "I’ve developed my own well-being systems"

The road to self-discovering is a bumpy one but Helena is the proof that the best results come when you’re willing to be brave and feel the discomfort that comes along the way.

She’s actively looking for opportunities to do what she does best: bringing joy and fulfillment to the workplace. Learn more about her here and then we suggest you buy her token $HELENA as she’s up for great things.

Helena Muniz has navigated from business management to industrial engineering in school to find out that HR and, most specifically, People Operations were her passion and also her skill.

She started to see that she was great at making people feel better while they were working when she dealt with project management on a 9-month internship. She then became Head of People Operations at Subvisual, a Portuguese startup where she worked for 2 years and a half. While there, Helena had the opportunity to learn about how people felt while they worked and to learn how to spot talent and specific soft skills.

As most intensive learning periods, her time at Subvisual also meant a great demand from Helena, who was so dedicated to her mission that she eventually was overwhelmed by it.

She eventually took the brave step of quitting her job and embarked on a journey of self-awareness and also of much-needed rest in order to continue to help others. This sabbatical period that lasted for almost two years granted her the chance to support projects who spoke dearly to Helena’s heart but also to grow and establish new methods to achieve a greater well-being and better mental health.

“I went through a very hard growing period and it was very good to me. There are very frustrating days but they helped me to learn how to deal with my own emotions”, she confesses.

With much more free time than she ever had, Helena learnt how to deal with it and also took it as an opportunity to learn new things and change her mindset. “I now have a day to day philosophy and I’ve developed my own well-being systems, with small and achievable goals that help me to be more easily motivated”, she explains.

As her sabbatical comes to an end, Helena is now more sure than ever of what she likes to do professionally and of what she can bring to the table when the time comes to join a new team: connecting people, making them happy and helping them build projects by simplifying complex issues.

“I’m a conscious person. I may not have very specific goals but I do have a vision”, she claims.


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I’m organized, passionate and committed to creating a positive impact around the world. In all life experiences, I focused on personal growth. I’m always ready for a good opportunity to understand what makes those people happy.