Welcome Home: A Brand New Homepage and Notifications Panel

Welcome Home: A Brand New Homepage and Notifications Panel

The Talent Protocol app had the same homepage for 1+ year. It was time for a revamp. The old version could feel too static and it require some manual maintenance. Our newly onboarded users deserve a better first impression.

What We Changed

Notifications Panel πŸ””

We updated the notifications panel in order to make notifications more visually appealing and more interactive, with quick action buttons. Notifications are now tailored to the user, rather than the system.

New Homepage 🏠

The new homepage design follows a modular architecture. This structure allows for the easy addition and removal of various modules based on their effectiveness and relevance over time.

Profile Completeness Module: encourages users to fill out their profiles, enhancing their experience and visibility on the platform. The user will be completing quests and earning TAL while doing so.

Activity Feed Module: keeps users informed about recent activities and interactions on the platform, encouraging them to stay engaged and connected. You can see the latest Career Updates, Career Goals or who is subscribing to whom.

Recommended Builders Module: recommends talent to follow. There’s a lot of room for improvement here, like customising the recommendation to each user.

Collective Pages Module: suggests companies, communities or collections of talent that users might find interesting.

Leaderboard Module: showcases the most influential members of the community Β (measured by number of invites), fostering a sense of competition and recognition within the platform. It encourages users to engage more with the platform and strive for visibility in their community.

Wallet Module (coming soon): provides a preview of the upcoming 'Wallet' feature. This feature will offer users quick and easy access to their transactions on the platform.

The modular design allows for more customization, flexibility, and demonstrates our commitment to user experience and continuous improvement. We will continue to iterate and improve all these modules in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestion or feedback, please let us know.

Filipe Macedo

Filipe Macedo

Co-founder and CPO at Talent Protocol. Maker and marketer building mission-driven brands. ✌️ I'm also a πŸ“· street photographer by day, a 🎧  DJ by night, and a πŸ€ basketball player for life.