Irina Konova - "My main interest is to empower blossoming talents"

Irina Konova - "My main interest is to empower blossoming talents"

What started as an interest for Irina, became a life mission: “I’ve started to study psychology for myself but along the way I discovered that I could help people”.

She’s fully dedicated to bringing art into the lives of children as a means to develop self-confidence and social skills and she launched $INOVA to find supporters and reach her ultimate goal of building a community art center.

For Irina, the place of her origin has meant less than the places where she feels most at home. She has visited more than 35 countries but it was in Lisbon, Portugal where she found that warm feeling of being where she’s supposed to be.

After several years dedicated to studying Psychology, Irina decided to freeze her PhD - the reason why she moved to Lisbon in the first place - and dedicate her time to understanding “what’s on people’s minds” in the field. “Face to face connections are much more important to me. To understand someone you have to match a face, not a number like it happens in academic research”, she explains.

The moment coincided with the beginning of the pandemic and, powered by her belief in the healing power of art, she decided to organize online workshops as a means of improving the participants’ mental health through community and creativity.

Irina’s never-ending commitment to her life mission also took her across the Projecto Darte, a very specific teaching method that incentivizes children to produce their own art as a means to conquer self-confidence and essential social skills. Irina also sees her dedication to this as a way to “empower blossoming talent”, something that definitely speaks dearly to our hearts at Talent Protocol.

“Making art at a young age is very important for development and has many benefits to kids´ physical, emotional and mental well-being.”, Irina explains. “The language of visual arts is very natural for children, and close to them”.

Through her work in Portuguese educational organizations, she’s become able to help fragile children but her ultimate dream is to create a community art center that acts as a shelter for those looking for a safe place to exercise self-expression.

A crypto enthusiast, Irina launched $INOVA with the goal of stepping a little closer to her dream but also to explore new opportunities for those whom she helps on a daily basis: “My main interest is to empower blossoming talent and I’m looking at ways to build entrance gates for children to dive into crypto. I may even create NFTs of their works as a first step”. - We hope you do. 🙂


🤝Supporters: 20

🪙Tokens in Circulation: 6,183.00 $INOVA

💰Market Value: $618.30

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I am a psychologist and expressive arts facilitator, working with both children and adults. I am also a community builder and have a passion for organizing networking events.