Jaime Garcia: “I want every single person in Mexico to get better salaries”

Jaime Garcia: “I want every single person in Mexico to get better salaries”

“I’m super high in life”. Jaime Garcia’s excitement during our conversation was palpable. He is happy. He is grateful. He wants to share with the world how to get where he is. But he’s no stranger to failure. It took him quite a few trials and errors to get here.

Jaime Garcia’s story begins by ticking all the boxes we are supposed to tick. He got good grades in high school, graduated from a good university, was hired by one of the most prominent consultancy firms in the world.

He was doing his job, working as long as required and travelling when asked. Then the pandemic hit. He kept doing his job and going to his office every day. But something was missing. He missed travelling, he missed meeting new people, he missed learning about new cultures.

Putting all his life into perspective, he started applying for every single remote-friendly job within his time zone, sending 8 to 10 daily applications, with no luck. He either wouldn’t get any reply or find himself in situations that did not align with his values.

However, “giving up” is not in his dictionary. He kept trying and kept applying. He was sure of what he wanted. And slowly, he started changing his approach and getting better results and, eventually, he nailed it. Today, Jaime Garcia is a digital nomad and he learned so much in the process that he created the Nomad District, a remote career acceleration program so that others can pursue the same opportunities.

Creating Nomad District was not a piece of cake either. Being a remote worker or a nomad is still something new in Mexico. Jaime needed to understand how to do it as a side hustle. How could he monetize it while still providing value?

Now that he found his way to make it work, he proudly announces, “people we’ve helped have tripled their salary”. So far, he has helped more than 100 people.

There are still things to figure out: balancing his time and focus between his full-time job and the company, reaching more people, and, eventually, expanding. Jaime is without a doubt a pioneer in his region and he’s also ambitious: he wants Nomad District to become the biggest Digital Nomad company in South America. And this is where Talent Protocol can play an important role. Supporting Jaime is a way to ensure he can continue advocating this lifestyle and helping others to reach better conditions. As a perk, he is offering help landing a remote job.

For the future, Jaime sees himself learning the most as he can, but he sees himself mainly as a teacher, as he loves sharing his knowledge. He hopes to continue his slow travel as a digital nomad and eventually work full time in Nomad District while also being location free. “The world is my office”, he explains.


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