Keeping our mission alive in critical times

Keeping our mission alive in critical times

In the past weeks, we’ve been actively looking for ways to stay true to our mission of supporting high-potential individuals in places where opportunity lacks, especially among those who are suffering with the critical situation in the CIS region. Here’s a breakdown of a few actions we’ve pieced together in order to do so.

We are building Talent Protocol to help high-potential individuals achieve professional success and fulfillment. Our expertise and core actions are aimed at building a space where talent can easily create, strengthen and broaden their community of supporters.

We are an early-stage project with a small core team and we were, as most of you, in total shock with the events that are taking place in the last weeks. And we simply didn’t know how to deal with it and keep our mission alive in critical times such as this.

Together, our team took a step back to think about what would be relevant and truthful actions. We have also reached out to several members of our community from the affected areas to better understand what they were going through and how we could help.

Here’s what we’ve decided so far:

Continue to focus on building

We found that our core mission of enabling collective careers is the first and most meaningful step we could take — that is why we are focusing so hard on building a community that enables free and fast access to supporters wherever Talent is based at.

However, we could not go above and beyond this taking into account the current situation in Europe and also the amount of incredible Talent we have at Talent Protocol coming from CIS countries. So we’ve decided on several small actions we believe to be able to make a difference in these times.

Special actions to support the most affected regions

  1. Fast-track Talent applications coming from the CIS countries.
  2. Endorse and actively support initiatives from our community members:
  • $MALIK and $VIOLETTA are building two different initiatives to match Portuguese companies with IT professionals in the affected regions who are seeking for visa-sponsored jobs. You can learn more about it here and here.
  • $EDSIM has created a platform that helps people to find and visualize the places in Portugal that are accepting donations to help the people from the region.
  • $DAO has put up a list of aid resources, helping IT professionals to find jobs, lending them a hand throughout the process, sponsoring VISAS and ensuring a smooth relocation for professionals and their families.

3. Donation to Ukraine DAO — Talent Protocol has made a small contribution to this initiative that is helping Ukrainian organizations to face these challenging times.

Initiatives still being assessed

We are building in public and we’ve never been afraid to admit that we are still in the process of learning and building something never done before.

We are considering extending our effort to help the victims through the following actions (all still to be decided upon):

  1. A new content series showcasing Talent coming from the CIS region in Talent Protocol
  2. A product feature that facilitates direct donations to Talent
  3. Partner with Web3 organizations that have their communities based in CIS countries.

As Talent Protocol highly relies on our community, we are open to any feedback to these ideas and any other suggestions that could broaden the impact of our actions.

One final but very important note

Talent Protocol aims to make positive change globally.

As the world is focused on the war in Ukraine, it is important that we also make ourselves aware of the scope of conflict and crisis worldwide.

We decided to prioritize a cause that affects our community the most at the moment. We have a considerable amount of people coming from CIS countries and that is why this situation spoke so dearly to our hearts.

However, we want to underline that we are fully aware of the crisis that countries like Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Ethiopia, Yemen, Myanmar, Somalia or Haiti are facing. We are hoping to onboard Talent from these regions as soon as possible thus extending our scope of impact even further.

If you know any high-potential talent from these regions that could benefit from what Talent Protocol has to offer, please contact us at [email protected].

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