Level Up - A Web3 mentoring experience powered by the community

Level Up - A Web3 mentoring experience powered by the community

Web3 is all about community. Careers are about multiplayer journeys. Level Up is a mentorship program that combines the power of the Talent Protocol community with its members’ will to grow professionally.

Imagine a place where you can invite people to mentor you and help you take your career to the next level. A place where you have available the resources and methodologies you need to set your own career goals, track your progress towards them, collaborate and feel accountable.

Our community-led mentorship program brings you all of that so that you unlock your true professional potential.

How does it work?

Level Up is powered by the members of the Talent Protocol community who are whether looking for help to boost their careers - mentees - or who are willing to collaborate and share their knowledge - mentors.

The mentoring program has two separate velocities:

  1. A cohort-based experience that will pair a mentee to a mentor. Our community will actively work on finding the best fit between the goals and experience of all participants.
  2. A self-paced experience which means that is up to each participant to find and invite a mentor. In this version, participants are able to access the same mentorship resources but at their own rhythm.

The program is open to anyone willing to participate and was built within a modular structure, aiming to be used by participants as they wish.

Everyone is a co-creator

Level-up is built by the community of Talent Protocol. This means that anyone involved will be able to access resources, chip in by providing feedback or building other resources and shape the future of the program.

What will you get by being part of Level Up?

Besides the upside of getting to know high-talent builders who may bring valuable insights to your professional journey, Level Up brings you dedicated events and sessions about key career topics and curated resources to help you such as a suggested initiatives between mentor and mentee, accountability reports and benchmarks.

Just got there? Watch the first session powered by Level Up, focused on Career Goals and hosted by $PCBO and $GIU.

Level Up kick-off / Career Goals session
Our second session is right around the corner. Join $PAULO and his guests on July 14th to learn more about The Value of Mentorship.

How to become part of Level Up

Apply to join the first cohort of participants of Level Up here. Deadline to send your application is July 10th, 2022.

Remember that Level Up is an ever-growing initiative, fed by your participation. Keep up with all Level Up initiatives and news here and reach our to $GUS if you have any troubles or suggestions.