Mike Ivanov - "I work with a lot of things that don’t even exist yet"

Mike Ivanov - "I work with a lot of things that don’t even exist yet"

Mike Ivanov has launched $BEARD aiming to build a community of experts and enthusiasts around robotics and AI. He’s passionate about Math and Physics but also about Sports and Culture and has been, for almost a decade now, building tools across those spaces. Learn more about the “ginger who likes puzzles” below. 👇

Mike Ivanov, 32, was born in Belarus and has lived for the last 5 years in newly created Innopolis, a city built 9 years ago to become the “Silicon Valley of Russia''. Here, Mike has found the means to develop his robotics research and the scientific ecosystem he needs to deepen his knowledge in the field.

Passionate about Math and Physics since a child, Mike enrolled in a degree in Artificial Intelligence in Minsk and, after graduating, he started working as a back-end developer for Belarusian and German companies. In 2017, Mike moved to Innopolis to work on his robotics project. “I work with a lot of things that don’t even exist yet”, he claims, “I need scientific direction and I found that at Innopolis as well as a team, access to funding and hardware”.

Ever a fan of athletic activities such as snowboarding but also of cultural ones like art exhibitions and theater, Mike soon understood that he wasn’t going to be able to be up to speed of everything that was happening in both areas and, also, to find people alike who’d be up to join him. So, back in 2019, Mike launched Dvizz app, a mobile application for those in search of company to do sports, go to a show or just grab a beer. “DVizz is a company for those seeking company”, Mike explains.

Between robotics and Dvizz, Mike found the time to launch $BEARD through Talent Protocol because he believes that there are great people out there and it can be a way to build and grow a community from which he can learn but also whom he can inspire, a possibility of reaching an expert.

Mike’s path has built him up as someone who knows what he can bring to the table and he believes that his advances in his fields of study will make an impact in the world. “Initially I thought of myself as an introverted technical ginger who likes puzzles. But I’ve realized now that that is a feature, not a bug”.


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