Morgan Wilde: “Decentralization allows you the freedom to act on your wishes.”

Morgan Wilde: “Decentralization allows you the freedom to act on your wishes.”

Morgan Wilde doesn't believe in separating professional from personal. Not having a 9-5 job, he is now very excited about decentralized systems, but also about his first child, due to be born in July this year. Something he considers as one of his most significant achievements.

Morgan Wilde calls himself a software developer. With a background in Computer Science, he is interested in Interface design focusing on consumers.

Morgan founded his first startup at 18, an age he now sees as too young as he was not prepared for the challenges of entrepreneurship. Moreover, he was not prepared for failure.

“You know the majority of startups will fail, but you are never prepared when it’s your own.”

Facing defeat with honor has been one of his biggest challenges.

The biggest lesson he got from it was the need to ensure you enjoy what you do and not just chase the trend. “You will never avoid frustration, so you might as well make sure you are excited about it”; otherwise, “when things go wrong, there’s no stickiness to it.”

As a second lesson, he realized it pays off to go with a sales strategy and revenue:

“Build something good and customers will come”.

Learning is one of Morgan’s favorite things in life, as he sees it as the ability to connect the dots. “Learning is not just about reading something. It’s about comprehension. I have a physical reaction when I make the connection.”, he explains. This is why, at 24, he went back to study, this time Computer Science.

Morgan’s motivation comes from wanting to help people whenever they are stuck especially by creating tools to reduce frustration, no matter the scale. Some of the tools he has built have helped millions of people, but he’s as happy when he knows it helped 2 or 3. He rejoices to leave something behind in a better condition.

He believes this passion comes from the influence of his grandfather, an early retired architect who spent his retirement teaching him how to build stuff and to always remain inquisitive. This was crucial in his life as it made him learn about the importance of strong foundations, physical and abstract, and formed him as a person, making sure he would learn a structural way of thinking, the qualities of decent people, and how to treat people with respect.

Family is definitely something important to Morgan. He is having a baby in July, and his excitement is palpable. For him, “raising a kid is magical”

He is also excited about the development of Web3 and is a big advocate for decentralized systems. He believes Web3 does not discriminate and provides freedom of thought not found elsewhere. Within decentralized systems, he is particularly keen on Hyperverse and Algorand. “Decentralized web needs to first get all the developers on board. Then the people come.” He adds.

As for Talent Protocol, Morgan hopes it becomes a place to connect and communicate, where people can help and support each other. On his profile roadmap is his wish to launch a 2D drawing game on Algorand to serve as a case study and a documentation sample. As for perks, he offers to share all of his early crypto project’s builds in a private email and a 30 minutes call to discuss anything crypto or web3 related.

For his future, Morgan hopes to keep what he’s doing, which means keep experimenting, building new things, and being able to share them. He also wants to educate people on the utility of Blockchain, increase awareness of its benefits and showcase why building decentralized products is better.


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