Negar Yaghoobi - “Negar is all about the smiles”

Negar Yaghoobi - “Negar is all about the smiles”

Even before you hear her speak, you know that Negar knows happiness. But you probably wouldn’t guess that happiness is actually her field of work, patience is her secret weapon and that both combined generate new mental health tools for the world.

She has just launched $JOY and her story is one to be known👇.

It is not an easy task to describe someone like Negar and one will always necessarily feel that there were many layers of her that were left to be mentioned. The moment you meet her it is impossible not to be touched by her happy and empathetic smile, her driven and assertive look and her willingness to talk about her mission and passion.

Born in Iran 34 years ago, Negar Yaghoobi has dedicated her life to building mental health digital tools, mostly dedicated to what she calls “sustainable happiness” (we’ll get into that in a bit). She created her first venture 10 years ago while still living in Iran: an online magazine aiming to help Persian-speaking women live a happier daily life.

The magazine grew to reach more than 700k women readers across Persian-speaking territories, confirming Negar’s assumption that people wanted to be happier but just didn’t know how to do it: “There’s a bug in our educational system. People don’t know how to deal with emotional pain but it is possible to learn”, she explains. At this moment, Negar, who had completed her Bachelor’s degree in IT engineering, decided that happiness would be her path and decided to forgo her Master’s and become a full-time entrepreneur.

Driven by her hopeful spirits and work ethics, she deepened her knowledge about Behavior Science and launched her second startup with the goal of developing tech tools to improve access to mental healthcare. In 2020, the news of the FDA approval of a videogame as a medicine for ADHD fueled up her mission and she and her team saw as possible their dream of creating a FDA-certified “digital vitamin for sustainable happiness”.

Her project won an Innovation Award for research using AI to change mental behavior and in 2020 Negargot her French talent passport to expand her startup in France.

After a successful time in the French capital where she encountered a fulfilling “daily cultural life”, Negar has now returned to Canada - where she previously lived for seven years before going to Paris -, where her project was finally granted State funds to proceed its research. “I’m very patient”, she claims while explaining that thanks to this much expected support her project now counts with two north-American universities doing the research, hoping that in a not so distant future her “digital experience for the psychological immune system” gets full clinical approval from the FDA and reaches those who need it the most.

Her mission to bring happiness blends naturally with her own personality - “Negar is all about the smiles”, as she states - and expanding her network of supporters is one more means to bring her joyful pursuit to life.


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