New partnership: Aya

Aya is the first African marketplace for Web3 freelancers.

New partnership: Aya

Building the talent economy of the future is no solo endeavor. That is why we count on amazing and world-changing partners to fulfill our vision of collective success.

Aya is the first African marketplace for independent Web3 talent, paving the way for talented professionals to expand their way of working and earning beyond borders and also by facilitating payments through blockchain technology.

By becoming the home of Web3 professionals such as Web Developers, Community Managers, IT analysts, Consultants, and many others, Aya offers businesses the chance of accessing a curated pool of talent.

As we joined forces, Talent Protocol has offered the Aya team the possibility of launching their own talent tokens, thus increasing their chances of growth and building a committed network of supporters. You can now back the journeys of Agwa ($AGWA), Kosi ($KOSI), Faith ($FAS), Larry ($LARRY), Imogie ($IMG), Pishikeni ($PKB), and Eric ($MTT).