New Partnership: Premios Verdes

New Partnership: Premios Verdes

At Talent Protocol we believe that Web3 and, more specifically, social tokens can make an impact in the world. This is why we search for partners who share the same vision and also embrace social impact causes that we haven’t still been able to embrace.

Given this context, we have to say that the partnership with Premios Verdes, one of the most relevant sustainability events of Central America, meant a lot to us. This edition of Premios Verdes - the “Oscars of sustainability” - counted with the participation of several projects that set themselves to change the world through community, something so dear to our hearts as well in Talent Protocol. Projects ranged from being focused on helping people to own a home, on recycling, re-usability or on community conservation.

As a partner of this amazing initiative, Talent Protocol had the opportunity to be part of a Web3 workshop where we shared our vision on how social tokens can be used for making a positive impact in the world. We’ve also offered the attendants the possibility to chat with Filipe Macedo, our CMO and co-founder, about Web3, crypto and social tokens.

The winning projects of the latest edition of Premios Verdes presented their environmental solutions which focus ranged from biodiversity to health, equality, education, communication, recycling, public policy and many more. Congratulations to everyone! Here you can find all of the winners of Premios Verdes 2022.

Participants at Premios Verdes were also invited to launch a Talent Token on Talent Protocol, skipping the traditional application process and receiving a $200-worth in tokens. So far, we’ve welcomed 21 talented people on the platform as a result of our joint efforts. 🎉