New Partnership: Talented Women from impactMarket

New Partnership: Talented Women from impactMarket

In the light of International Women’s Day, Talent Protocol joined efforts with impactMarket, welcoming nine high-potential female talent to the platform who are leading social impact through web3.

We are celebrating March 8th by promoting fruitful discussions with these amazing partners around ways to empower women through financial education and inclusion. As we continue on this path for empowering untapped talent globally through social tokens, this is definitely something that speaks dearly to our hearts.

We are also aware that the crypto world can still benefit from more diversity, a narrative that we are actively trying to change by reaching out to other audiences globally and by fast-tracking high-potential female talent into Talent Protocol.

That is the case with impactMarket, a decentralized poverty alleviation protocol. We’ve enabled for several female community members of impactMarket to launch their own tokens, thus broadening their networks and, hopefully, make it easier to achieve their ambitious goals of taking wealth further and beyond.

Get to know them below 👇

Jessica Gaubert ($GBT)

As Chief Operations Officer at impactMarket, she’s actively working to erradicate extreme poverty. She’s bullish about Social Impact and Financial Inclusion and a self-proclaimed feminist.

Her perks include a 30 minute chat on technology and innovation in humanitarian and development settings.

jessicagbt | Talent Protocol
Working to eradicate extreme poverty at impactMarket I Talk about Social impact & Financial inclusion I Passionate…

Abra Rosaline TSEKPUIA ($ABROS)

She’s Country Ambassador at impactMarket for Togo and a Youth Ambassador of UNICEF.

She’s on her way to a Master’s in Food Security, aiming to gain knowledge and skills relating to the broad topic of food security, incorporating socio-economic, animal and crop aspects.

rosaline2104 | Talent Protocol
Passionate about Agriculture and gender equality Country Ambassador at Impact Market Youth Ambassador of UNICEF-Togo…

Catarina Neves ($NEVES)

Catarina is responsible for the UBI (Universal Basic Income) communities at impactMarket. She dreams of a world where financial security is withing everyone’s reach and she’s putting all her effort on a daily basis to make it a reality. She aims to reach 50.000 people in Mozambique through UBI solutions.

Her perks include a 30 minute conversation on UBI communities all over the world.

anaccmn | Talent Protocol
I want a more balanced world! A world where having financial security is within everyone's reach. I'm responsible for…

Avina Ajit ($AVINA)

Avina is working with multiple social and economic development tools to help people out of poverty and she’s a firm believer in creating access to decentralized finance and tools for them.

Her perks include a quarterly newsletter about her projects and career and reports on individual impact measurement from communities she works with.

avina | Talent Protocol
Born and raised in India, poverty is no stranger to me. Working with multiple social and economic development tools to…

Susanne Zapelão ($ZAP)

Susanne Zapelão is Marketing & Communication Lead at impactMarket. She’s a firm believer that, by spreading the word about causes that really matter, it is possible to promote a movement for social good.

She’s hoping to expand the reach of communication while considering all regional specificities, engage crypto users into social impact and empower end-users in developing countries about DeFi.

Her perks include a 30 or 60 minute call and a basic Forró class.

susannezapelao | Talent Protocol
Storyteller @ impactMarket, creatively spreading the word about its mission and impact. Passionate about Diversity and…

Hannah Bamwerinde ($HANNAHBO)

Hannah is a social activist in Uganda passionate about sustainable tourism and the local community. She has a Master in Business Administration and experience working closely with local communities in creating sustainable solutions.

She aims to create a clear pathway for women in her community and also to create strong local networks.

hannahbamwerinde | Talent Protocol
I am a social activist in Uganda passionate about sustainable tourism and the local community. In terms of educational…
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